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Alfredo Adame criticized Laura Zapata after calling Mexicans lazy: “I prefer idiots to self-kidnapping”

Alfredo Adame criticized Laura Zapata after calling Mexicans lazy (Photo:Cuartoscuro/gettyimages)

In past days Laura Zapata was involved in the controversy after the actress launched against the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) and its supporters, by ensuring that social programs are well received by citizens because “we are a country of idiots”.

The comment of the well-known villain of Mexican melodramas caused a wave of reactions among the detractors of the Federal executive and the avid fans of AMLO, however, what few could predict was when personalities from the show business They launched against Zapata for calling the Mexicans lazy.

In this context, the controversial Alfredo Adame was one of those who ranted against Thalía’s sister during an interview with come the joy when he assured that he prefers that they be “lazy” than that they “self-kidnap”clearly alluding to the abduction suffered by the histrionics on September 22, 2002.

“I do not share it. I prefer them to be jerks than to be alcoholics, drug addicts and self-kidnapping. With that lady (Laura Zapata) I do not share anything. She doesn’t care what I say”, remarked the former presenter of the Program Today.

Likewise, the Mexican actor also highlighted his friendship with Yolanda Andradewho was another of the personalities who criticized Zapata’s accusations against a sector of the population: “I love Yolanda Andrade. I don’t love the other lady because of her behavior”, he finished for the cameras of VLA.

The repudiation against the 66-year-old actress arose since last Sunday, August 28, when she was the publicist’s guest, Carlos Alazraki in your program Atypical SEES YOU, there the famous villain was questioned about the remarkable popularity of AMLOto which the actress referred to be due to the social programs promoted by the government of the Fourth Transformation (4T).

During his insult, Zapata Miranda assured that “we are a country of idiots, of stretching out our hands (homeless people who beg for alms), ‘don’t you give me?, give me, give me!’. And this one (AMLO) fans them, cornfields them with 2,000 pesos.” In addition to this, he maintained without any hesitation that the population that receives such support is make up with what López Obrador gives them.

“And they settle for that, they say: ‘well, corn to my grandmother, corn to me, corn to my sister who is a single mother, then we add up and they have to give us 8 thousand’; they settle for that”, he evoked.

As expected, by making the audiovisual material public, social networks erupted against the postulates classicist and lacking in sustenance of Zapata Miranda, including the insults by the actress reached the podium of the National Palace.

(Photos: Presidency//Cuartoscuro)
(Photos: Presidency//Cuartoscuro)

The Mexican president in his routine press conference from the National Palace recognized the half-sister of the interpreter of Marimar or Wrong for his “frankness”, since, he affirmed, dared to say what “millions” of people think and that no one dares to say, especially, “conservatives.”

“What they do is very good, even the lady who said that Mexicans are lazy, Laura Zapata, we must even recognize her frankness, because It’s not just her, that’s how millions think, nothing else but she dares to say it”, highlighted López Obrador.

Among the artists who came out to defend Mexicans against Zapata’s remarks are Regina Orozco, Edy Smol and Alfredo Adame’s friend, Yolanda Andrade.


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