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Alfredo Adame called Mary Paz Banquells “perverse” and accused her of treating her daughter badly

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Mary Paz Banquells have uncovered domestic violence while married to Adame (Photo: Instagram/@alfredoadamevonknoop)

Alfredo Adame It’s one of the most controversial characters of the Mexican show and this time was no exception, as he attacked his ex-wife Mary Paz Banquells and accused her of being a bad person.

It was through an interview with journalist Matilde Obregón that Carlos Trejo’s enemy did not hold back and mentioned that, when he was still married to the actress, She treated her daughter Vannessa Adame badly.

“She is a perverse and evil woman, He behaved very badly and that’s why I decided to end that marriage. That is my version and that is what it is, because I always speak the truth, “the former host of Today.

In this sense, Alfredo Adame assured that all the time while he was married to Mary Paz, she did less to the young woman and never accepted her as part of the family.

“Since the day we got married… Well, From before we went on vacation until Vanesa was 29 years old, she treated her with the tip of her shoe, like Cinderella. I would leave her on vacation in Puerto Vallarta and when she was alone and I would come I would kick her, “he said.

The famous is extremely controversial (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)
The famous is extremely controversial (Photo: CUARTOSCURO)

Likewise, the controversial actor pointed out that he did not realize the situation until Vanessa once told him what was happening.

“One day he told me: ‘Dad, I’m going to tell you this and this’”. Mary Paz blocked Vanessa and her husband when they arrived at parties and then she didn’t invite them, she didn’t go to my grandson’s baptism. He behaved… Lowliness, vileness, that is Mary Paz”, sentenced Adame.

So far, Mary Paz Banquells has not taken a position on the matter, but it is well known that the relationship she has with her ex-husband is extremely harsh and throw harsh comments at each other.

And it is that in recent months, Adame’s ex-partner has made it public knowledge that – contrary to what the actor has said in the media – he has not sought a way to reconcile with his children.

“As far as I know, my children have not received any messages from him personally. The only thing my children do not want is to be in a Show media, this is something familiar and private”, said Mary Paz to the program come the joy.

On the other hand, the actress applauded the fact that it was Adame’s ex-girlfriend, Magaly Chávez, who advised the also aspiring politician to approach his children: “And, well, what father would this lady do the same, because finally it is something that he will not be able to remove from Alfredo’s life, they are his children”, he commented.

In addition, the sister of Rocío Banquells was pleased with the courtship relationship that Adame had at that time with the former participant of the program falling in lovehowever, sent him a strong message:

“I don’t know if they are in love, I hope that they really are in love and that with her she will end her days. At first if he is very romantic and very gentleman, I just tell her, ‘Let’s see how long you can stand’”he expressed.


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