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Alfredo Adame assures that Mary Paz Banquells treated Vanessa, her daughter, badly: “A perverse woman”

The relationship of Alfredo Adame With Mary Paz Banquells, his ex-wife, he did not end on good terms, to the extent that they currently often make strong comments at each other.

An example of the above is what the driver said in an interview with the journalist Matilde Obregon: that the actress mistreated Vanessa, daughter of Adame with a woman whose identity remains in the anonymity, the time when celebrities were a couple.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante responds to Alfredo Adame’s accusations: “Shut the mouth of the insane”

First, Adame said that his ex-wife “she is a perverse and evil woman, she behaved very badly and that is why I decided to end that marriage. That is my version and that is what it is, because I always speak the truth.

Then, he recounted the mistreatment of Banquells towards Vanessa: “From the day we got married … Well, from before we went on vacation until Vanesa was 29 years old he treated her with the toe of his shoelike Cinderella.”

“I left her on vacation in Puerto Vallarta and when she was alone and I came, she was kicked,” he explained.

Likewise, the driver pointed out that he realized until Vanessa was 29 years old: “One day he told me ‘Dad, I’m going to tell you this and this’”.

“Mary Paz blocked Vanessa and her husband when they arrived at parties and then did not invite them, He didn’t go to my grandson’s baptism. He behaved… Lowliness, vileness, that is Mary Paz”, concluded Adame about this situation.


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