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Alexis Ayala remembers the phase in ‘Solo para mujeres’: “In Puebla they wanted to arrest us”

Alexis Ayala was invited to the application hosted by the journalist Matilde Obregon on YouTube, where by he talked about his romance with Cinthia Aparicio, an actress 28 several years his junior, but a different instant that stood out was when recalled his stage in Only for females.

From this job, which the actor made together with Sergio Mayer, stated: “A pretty excellent notion was experienced, it was worked on, for the reason that things that are not labored on do not function. And he spoke of luck for the reason that the region had an essential political improve Fox, who will come out as a applicant for the presidency and wins, began to say: ‘Mexican adult males and women’, and an significant place commenced to be given to women”.

Sergio Mayer talks about the arrival of Evelyn Cedeño at Garibaldi: “Whoever can enter”

There ended up no social networks that exist nowadays, a whole lot of mysticism could be managed close to the presentand we had pretty properly proven regulations that built Only for girls has been and carries on to be in quite a few strategies what it is nowadays,” he extra.

Alexis discussed that Only for gals premiered in 1999 and his first tour lasted 3 years: “We went from Canada to Santiago de Chile, a great deal of people handed by way of Only for females”.

“The regular box workplace was in between 5 and 7 thousandthe largest box office environment we had was in Monterrey, which, if I bear in mind the right way, have been practically 15,000 ladies, ”he added.

He also commented that if a guy wished to go to a function, “he had not to costume as a lady, but to participate in with some thing that experienced to do with women of all ages, due to the fact he wanted to say that he was going to have entertaining there ended up men who turned nuns, the LGBT neighborhood bought concerned a whole lot and a thing sensational was done”.

The least vital issue was that we just take off our apparelThey had been the tracks, the costumes, the rhythms,” Ayala claimed.

In addition, he recalled a controversy that the present produced in Puebla: “They needed to arrest usIn reality, they closed the show that working day, they despatched the police, they chased us. From there we went specifically to Mexico, a push conference was arranged to chat. They had been accusing us of inciting women of all ages to violence, that it was a demonstrate that had moral faults and a collection of issues, then Puebla was the metropolis where we gave the most reveals.

The actor acknowledged that Possessing labored with Sergio Mayer “was sensational”.

And then he advised how he came up with the notion for the show: “The notion is born when I see the movie Entire Monty, and at a meal with Garibaldi I begun inquiring them if they would acquire off their garments, and Sergio instructed me ‘I do, but what are you chatting about’, and I informed him ‘I have to have a partner’. Sergio grew it a ton, you always have to acknowledge what he does to people I, as an actor, saw it as incredibly theatrical, and he, as section of Garibaldi, observed it a lot more as a present, which is what he became”.

Ultimately, Alexis Ayala pointed out that Solo para mujeres has been staged 5 occasions, and the most new, in 2017, “was the best cast we could have had and regretably we had an earthquake on the day of the typical rehearsal, and it was truly worth it.”


Reference from www.milenio.com

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