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Alexander Acha says that Lolita Cortés is not her friend; he will not support Rubí after ‘The Academy’

The rivalry between alexander ach Y courteous lolita has escalated to strong discussions and hints during the last concerts of The academy. Criticism even pointed out that the singer was not properly caring for his students, due to the health problems that most of the reality show’s contestants presented. After these confrontations, Emmanuel’s son declared that he does not have a friendship with the judge.

It was during an interview with the program come the joyto which Alexander Acha spoke about the fights he has had with Lolita Cortes concert after concert.

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“She is not my friend, who I have known for years, not at all. The truth is that I met her on the program. I really do not have a close friendship with her”Alexander Acha said.

The singer’s statements become relevant because a few days ago he published a photo on his Instagram account in which he appears hugging Lolita Cortés, implying that they have already made peace.

Nevertheless, alexander ach He made it clear that he only shared the image as a sign of respect for all the artists who are part of the TV Azteca program, not because he has a friendly relationship with the theater actress.

“The photo I uploaded, I uploaded it because I admire everyone on the panel in their careers, personally I’m not going to talk about them. I don’t like to talk about people’s lives, if I like it, if I don’t like it, if I agree, if how it is, I’m nobody to be here criticizing and judging people, “he said.

Likewise, the singer emphatically stated that he would not promote the artistic career of Ruby Ibarra Nor would I support her once the reality show comes to an end.

No, I could advise her, give her some advice, but I couldn’t direct her. My priority is my musical career, so I cannot take charge of Rubí’s future because I am the director of La Academia here, I am not a director of artists outside La Academia. I did not dedicate myself to managing artists.

How does Alexander Acha feel in ‘The Academy’?

He mentioned that he is grateful to have been chosen to serve as director of The academysince it has been able to show itself as it is to its public.

A little more of the truth about me, that I always think that’s nice and that it is important that at some point the artist can show a transparent human side”.

He acknowledged that he has not been able to handle all the disputes that have occurred in reality in a better way: “I’m not going to tell you that I’ve mastered all the situations, I’ve had them under the best control.”


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