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Alexander Acha reacted to his fights with Lolita Cortés at La Academia: “She is not my friend”

Celebrities have fought live (Instagram photo: @soylolacortes, @alexanderacha)

During The Academy: 20 years, criticism courteous lolita and the current director of the program, alexander achhave starred all kinds of arguments during concerts due to the differences they have with respect to the preparation and discipline that the contestants must carry.

Faced with this situation and, to the confusion of the public, the son of Emmanuel uploaded a photograph to his account Instagram embraced by the actress of musical theater, as an apparent sign of peace between the two.

“Whether or not we agree on opinions and visions, we agree on one thing: the excellence is the fruit of persevering work and demanding with himself”, he placed in the description.

It was so, in an interview broadcast by come the joya, Alexander delved into the enmity that has been seen throughout the project with Lola Cortés.

“She is not my friend I’ve known for years, not at all, The truth is that I met her on the show, I don’t have a close friendship with her,” he began.

Alexander uploaded a photo with Lolita (Photo: IG @alexanderacha)
Alexander uploaded a photo with Lolita (Photo: IG @alexanderacha)

Regarding the image that he posted on his social networks with the famous controversy, the interpreter of hits like Love you either How are you? He explained that he made it public because, beyond the differences, he respects the trajectory of the program’s judges.

“The photo I uploadedI uploaded it because I admire everyone on the panel in their careers, personally I’m not going to talk about themI don’t like to talk about people’s lives: if I like it, if I don’t like it, if I agree with how it is, I’m nobody to go around criticizing people”, he pointed out before the cameras of Aztec TV.

Alexander was happy to be part of the 20th edition of the singing contest, as he said that It helped him show a different side of himself to the public.

“The truth (I am grateful because the public knew) a little more about me, I have always believed that it is beautiful and that it is important that at some point the artist can show a transparent human side. WithoutI am going to tell you that I have had all the situations under the best control”, he sentenced.

It should be remembered that, during the concert on July 30, Lolita and Alexander staged another fight live.

And it is that, once again, the iron judge publicly lambasted the teachers of The academy after noticing some flaws in the students’ presentations.

“You’re short of breath, even to answer. One after singing you have to spare your breath and act as if nothing had happened and continue talking. You have to know how to manage… everyone has to know how to manage the air […] That can never happen, that after a song you are short of breath, no matter how much you have danced you have to look perfect, that is the cruelest thing, ”Lola began against Andrés.

After several harsh comments and the academic taking responsibility for his mistakes, Alexander Acha asked to speak and defended his student for deciding to take a break during the interpretation to catch his breath.

The decision Andrés made to take a break in the middle of a song to be able to hold the song is a completely correct decision”, he sentenced.


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