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Alexander Acha assured that he will not promote Rubí after finishing La Academia: “I am a director here, not outside”

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Alexander gave his opinion on Rubí (Photos: IG @laacademiatv)

The Academy: 20 yearss has been full of controversy from the beginning and more because of the participation of Rubí Ibarra, The most famous quinceañera in Mexico, who despite being harshly criticized concert after concert by the critics panel has won the hearts of the public to the point of having a fandom what are they called Rubielievers.

Thus, during a recent interview for Joy come, Alexander Acha -who is the director of this edition- broke the silence about whether he would be willing to boost the career of the young singer on his way out of the singing contest Aztec TV.

“No (I would support Rubí in her artistic career), I could advise her, but I could not direct her”, he pointed out sharply.

In this sense, Emmanuel’s son stressed that his position was due to the fact that he was very focused on his career and personal growth, in addition, that being a teacher in The academy it was part of his job for the project, but on a day-to-day basis, he didn’t do that.

“My priority is my musical career, so I cannot take charge of Rubí’s future. because I am a director here in The academy, I’m not an artist director outside of The academy, I do not dedicate myself to managing artists”, he sentenced.

It should be remembered that, after his debut at the zero concert with the song wrongRubí received strong criticism not only from characters such as Arturo López Gavito, Lola Cortés, Ana Bárbara or Horacio Villalobos, but also several people on social networks attacked the young woman and they noted that he apparently had no talent for singing.

However, during the time that the program lasted, the young woman from San Luis Potosí won the affection of the public due to her charismatic personality and the effort she has put in week after week to improve her vocal skills.

However, a critical moment for Rubí happened a little over a week ago, when after feeling unwell, she was taken to the hospital and tested positive for COVID-19. From that moment, the unknown regarding his permanence in the program gained strength and several began to speculate that the singer could no longer return to the show.

Since Rubí debuted on the show, she has received many comments (Instagram video captures: @laacademiatv)
Since Rubí debuted on the show, she has received many comments (Instagram video captures: @laacademiatv)

But, although last weekend he could not perform at the concerts, at the show on July 31 he reappeared and it was announced that he had already given a negative test. However, because he still had some consequences of COVID, he was allowed not to appear that night.

For the gala that took place before reaching the two most important of the entire season, Alexander Acha decided that he would not have expelled. That’s how it came ruby to semi of The academyaway from the stage, between controversies, and after overcome 13 concerts with the shelter of their fans, or those also called Rubilievers.

The comments regarding the permanence of Rubí were immediate and although many users defended the potosina, others attacked her.

“The director Alexander Acha says that Rubí’s voice is not good and that he does not want to expose it… someone tell him that Rubí will never sing!”wrote one, while another netizen added: “I understand that there are many people who sympathize with Rubí, but I think it is unfair that he goes to a final, and is stealing the place from a person who did have talent.”


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