Home Entertainment Alex Rodríguez reacted after JLo deleted his photos from Instagram

Alex Rodríguez reacted after JLo deleted his photos from Instagram

Alex Rodríguez reacted after JLo deleted his photos from Instagram

Jennifer López deleted her pictures with Alex Rodríguez on her Instagram, however the participant confirmed off together with his oblique phrases.

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In an interview for Leisure tonight, Rodríguez appeared to be in peace with your self. And if he was not, absolutely the motion of JLo by disappearing him from his networks and cease following him will assist somewhat.

“Things happen and I think what happens is that people do not focus on all the positive aspects. For example, whatever has happened to me in the past year, I am very grateful for that.”

The previous baseball participant mentioned he’s specializing in “all the positive things” in his life and studying from his previous.

As a complete gentleman confirmed that you don’t want to delete JLo out of your social networks why has lots to be glad about of the time lived with the singer.

“I had five years of an amazing life and partnership and also with my daughters, we learned a lot. And now we have the opportunity to take advantage of that and go ahead and say, ‘You know what? We are so grateful for the last five years, how can we improve the next five years thanks to the lessons learned? ‘”

He added that he has nice loves that he can give attention to:

“So I’m in a great place. I’m so thankful for where God and the light have really put me, and I’m looking forward to it. Especially to see how my girls continue to develop.”

What is evident is that 4 months after the separation of Alex Rodríguez and Jennifer López, she may be very current in his life. And is that though JLo appears to be like very pleased with Ben Affleck, ARod appears to proceed respiration from the wound.

An instance of that is the photograph he revealed this week in entrance of three automobiles, which highlights the purple Porsche 911 GTS just like the one he gave to the singer on her fiftieth birthday. Was it a touch that even the automotive gave him again?

Reference from PrimeraFila – La Noticia