Home Entertainment Alex Puentes and Moy launch “Free Cuba”

Alex Puentes and Moy launch “Free Cuba”

Alex Puentes and Moy launch

A message of peace, union and solidarity from the people of Mexico and Latinos is the one given by the song “Cuba libre”, a song that premiered the day before yesterday Friday, in which the Cuban artist Alex Puentes and the rapper unite their voices and talent. Yucatecan Moy.

With a single in which they seek to raise awareness about the situation that the Cuban people live, both artists collaborated for the first time.

Alex Puentes, of Cuban origin, currently lives in Yucatán, and Moy is one of the exponents of hip hop in the region.

The latter, shared that for some time he talked with Puentes about making a collaboration, despite the fact that the styles they handle are very different, because he really liked the voice of the Cuban singer.

As a result of the current situation in Cuba, Puentes became involved in the demonstrations calling for the freedom of the Cuban people and the end of the dictatorship; It was then that he told Moy that it would be good to bring up a topic about it, something that would raise awareness about what is happening on the island.

Moy indicated that the rap genre lends itself to this type of subject, to make complaints between rhymes, so one day they met in the recording studio and created the song.

He also shared that Puentes had just finished a meeting on the mobilization in favor of Cuba, so he arrived with all the energy about the fact, and at one point he created the chorus of the song.

A liberating song

Moy pointed out that the song sends a message of peace, liberation, and how the united Latin peoples can help the situation in the Caribbean country not be replicated elsewhere. They also seek to guarantee people’s human rights and give a message of peace.

The dumbbell resulted in a very eye-catching song and video clip, which can be seen on YouTube, and will soon be available on other music platforms.

Eight days ago they composed the song and they hope that it will cross walls and borders, and the message will reach many people.

The song was recorded at Estudio 52 Norte, while the video was in charge of Haymo Producciones.

Regarding his individual work, Moy says that he is preparing an EP of eight songs, which he will release under the Lennon Mx label. The plan is to present some of the singles that will be part of the album.— IRIS MARGARITA CEBALLOS ALVARADO