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Álex Kaffie remembers his first job as a toast vendor: “We were very polished”

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Currently Alex Kaffie He is recognized as an entertainment journalist, but to reach this position he had to work from a very young age, even in areas that have nothing to do with the world of entertainment, for example: as a toast vendor.

This work was recalled by the television presenter himself in a broadcast of the sun rises where he went to Tacuba street, in the Historic Center of Mexico City: “It is a street that takes me back to adolescence, my first job was here, there was a toast stall and I was a waiter, a man gave me a job. I earned a few cents, they were few but it helped a lot to support my expenses because my mother, a single mother, took me out on her own”.

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My job was to dispatch, that there was no lack of sauce, to always be supplying the boats. It was at the time that I could hit the race, that my belly did not hinder me, then I hit the race at the ticket offices, I had already made friends with the Metro Allende ticket office, I went for change and dispatched the soda, “he explained.

Then, in front of Café Tacuba, Kaffie said: “At this window I would stop and my mouth would water, I would drool. Once my mom came for me and I told her: ‘Mom, buy me a crystallized fruit’, and she said: ‘I don’t earn for that’, at that time we were very grounded”.

“But life gave me the fortune that later, over time, when I worked, with my first fortnight I invited my mom to that restaurant. Life gave me that privilege and I thank God very much,” he added.

The presenter pointed out that while working at the toast stand he had to see Irma Serrano pass The tigress: “She was made of caviar, of suckling pig, it seems that she was going to be stopping for a leg toast, of tinga”.

Finally, Álex Kaffie sent a message to the man who gave him his first job opportunity: “I am very grateful to you for giving me a job and wherever you are I have good memories”.


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