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Alex Hoyer defended Danna Paola against criticism for her physique: “What matters most to me is her health”

Photo: @dannapaola / IG – @alexhoyer_ / IG.

In recent months, Danna Paola has positioned herself among the main social media trends for her musical releases, their participation in concerts and awardsbut above all for his physical appearance.

The well-known interpreter since her leading role in Elite has been harshly criticized for how it looks -something that can be considered as body shaming– and in the face of these constant attacks, her partner, fellow singer Alex Hoyer, faced the accusations.

“I always tell her, as long as she feels good, she is fine, she is happy, that is the most important thing, no matter what is said, what matters most to me is her health and she is perfectly fine and enjoying everything that is happening”, he said for various media during the Kids’ Choice Awards 2022.

(Instagram photo: @dannapaola)
(Instagram photo: @dannapaola)

In the same way, when listening to the question about how he saw his partner, the Mexican artist confessed: “Beautiful, sexy, I love her, I love her!”

To end his speech with the Mexican media, the interpreter of All of me, Bonita, What It Feels Like, Curiosity and several more talked about how the couple has coped with the incessant media harassment.

“Communicating always, we are always on the same page and I think it has always helped us a lot in this process. It is very true, we support each other a lot, obviously on the personal side we both seek that support, and that support we have is very nice and I value it very much because she has helped me get out of many situations that were not good in my life, and get rid of people and more and vice versa.”

(Photo: Instagram/ @dannapaola)
(Photo: Instagram/ @dannapaola)

It should be remembered that the media debate around the slim figure of the iconic Mexican singer arose when the tiktoker Edrey Pena shared a video where he expressed his concern for the young singer and highlighted some features of his physique as a sign of his “excessive weight loss”.

This after the images published by various media during his recent sightings in the MTV Miaw 2022 Y Youth Awards 2022. This fact caused great annoyance to the environment of the Mexican who without any hesitation came out to defend himself from the accusations.

“Today we are in a world and with a generation that is still much more depressive than ours, the more we support just to stop talking about bodies and say that if this, yes the other. They have also offended me a lot telling me that now I am super skinny that if this and that; The truth is that I’m healthy, I’m fine, “said the 27-year-old Mexican.

(Insatagram photo: @dannapaola)
(Insatagram photo: @dannapaola)

Another of the figures close to the singer of Bad fame, hey pablo, ordinary love and several more who positioned themselves on the side of the Mexican and rejected the accusations by the figure of Danna Paola was his colleague and friend, Alexander Speitzer.

The well-known histrion made a call to avoid comments on the appearance of any person: “I find it very bad that they are talking about the physique of a person […] We are at a time in life where you have to be very careful with these issues, ”he commented for the cameras of Come Joy.

At the insistence, he added: “I do not want to go into all those issues that seem very delicate to me. There are people who really go through those things and I think you have to be very respectful”, he finished for the cameras of the program of Aztec TV.


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