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Alessandra Rosaldo put more than 20 thousand people to sing “Las Mañanitas” in honor of Eugenio Derbez

The actor turns 61 this September 2.  (Instagram capture: @ederbez, @vengalaalegriatva, @90spoptour)
The actor turns 61 this September 2. (Instagram capture: @ederbez, @vengalaalegriatva, @90spoptour)

Alessandra Rosaldo made the Arena Mexico City with a very special request, stopped a concert by the 90′s Pop Tour and together with more than 20 thousand people singing the mornings in honor of Eugenio Derbez for his 61st birthday. And it is that the renowned Mexican actor, producer and comedian could spend his anniversary at rest because he is in a recovery process after undergoing surgery due to “delicate injuries” that he suffered on one of his shoulders some days ago.

The singer appeared in said venue on September 1st together with Chacho Gaitan -both members of opposite senses– and other artists as part of the show that since its first concert, and despite the changes in the cast, has stirred memories. Alessandra went on stage and sang her greatest hits until after midnight she stopped to thank the audience for the signs of affection she received due to the accident suffered by her husband.

Thank you very much, believe me that the love we have felt these days I have no words to thank what we feel, thank you very much“, said.

Immediately afterwards, Alessandra Rosaldo took her phone and called Eugenio Derbez, but did not receive until a few minutes later. She between jokes of her classmates asked “Why aren’t you a normal child?” when her husband answered the link, sparking laughter in the audience. Thus, with Chacho Gaitán on the piano, in the company of the members of magnet and along with approximately 25 thousand people sang in his honor.

The member of opposite senses moved the hearts of the attendees and everyone sent their best vibes to the creator of XHDRBZ for his birthday and his speedy recovery.

(Instagram Capture: @alexrosaldo)
(Instagram Capture: @alexrosaldo)

But that was not all, hours later it reappeared in his account Instagram to dedicate an emotional message to her husband, where He recognized that this birthday will be complicated by his state of health and surely they will not be able to celebrate as they had plannedHowever, he stressed that he will do everything possible to pamper him.

This wonderful man who in one way or another brightens the hearts of millions of people every day, today is his birthday! And although it will not be a “normal” birthday, it will be the birthday in which he is more pampered, pampered and surrounded by love.

“I LOVE YOU forever and ever @ederbez. Aitana [su única hija en común] and I are immensely lucky to have you and celebrate you todayIt is our greatest blessing. With you always in everything and for everything. Happy Birthday my love! We love you with all our souls,” she added.

As expected, his publication was filled with congratulations, messages of affection and good wishes for the Mexican interpreter who made history a few months ago by starring CODA, winner of the Oscar in the category “Best Film”. Among the comments, some Mexican artists such as Galilea Montijo, Consuelo Duval, Tatianaamong others.

Alessandra Rosaldo uploaded this photo to report that her husband is stable after surgery.  (Photo: Instagram/@ederbez)
Alessandra Rosaldo uploaded this photo to report that her husband is stable after surgery. (Photo: Instagram/@ederbez)

Happy birthday to the beautiful skinny! virgo powerr”, Thalia wrote. “Congratulations to our dear Eugenio. Many years of life”, continued Adrián Uribe. “Many blessings. A new return to the sun with constant health and happiness. We send them the best energy”, continued Angelique Boyer. “Congratulations Eugene!!! We adore you!!! Life continues to fill you with all the blessings you deserve!!” Andrea Legarreta wrote.

So far it is known that the interpreter is stable, but could require a second surgery for injuries: “” It was a long operation, yes very complicated because there were many fractures, because shoulder probably needs to be replaced”, said Alessandra in a meeting with the media prior to her concert at the CDMX Arena.


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