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Aleks Syntek wants to fine businesses for playing reggaeton: “The waiters put it on”

Aleks Synkek has been characterized by starring in various controversies in recent yearshighlighting his sex scandal for alleged messages between the singer and a British minor, the viral video of ketchupor your lousy participation in ‘The academy’where week after week viewers requested their departure from the project.

Nevertheless, the most notorious is his bad relationship with reggaetona situation that he decided to relive during an interview.

Aleks Syntek explodes against waiters

during the podcast ‘Authentic Podcast’ by Peter Prieto Aleks Syntek once again shared his feelings about reggaetonsomething that was harshly criticized by the audience due to its contemptuous treatment of those who reproduce this musical genre.

He described the media as liars by stating that they wrongly and tendentiously handled his statements when talking about reggaeton for the first time. According to the singer, he never requested to ban this genre, he only asked to regulate itthe above to control the place and time it can be played.

If the reggaetoneros want to continue saying rude things in all his songs it’s up to them. When I talk about regulation it is when you arrive at a restaurant at 10 in the morning where there are grandparents, parents, children…”

Behind this He stated that these types of establishments play reggaeton because the waiters play itso he assumed it’s a guild he likes.

The waiters put itthe owners do not notice that the waiters are the ones who play music”.

Aleks Syntek says he has the right to fine establishments that play reggaeton

He lashed out at the public places where the songs are heard, so reaffirmed its proposal to regulate this type of music.

You have the right to fine the place for playing music that is not suitable.”

Finally, He assured that as a father it is not his duty to take care of what his children see or hearsince it would be invasive, however, He stressed that he has the right to fine establishments.

“Why do you have to be listening to that? It is not that I cover my son’s eyes, it is invasive to be everywhere. I have the right to fine the venue for playing music at inappropriate times and places,” he concluded.


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