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Aleks Syntek tells why he doesn’t want to sing songs by Juan Gabriel: “very groped”

aleks sintek is involved in controversy after his questionable statements about women who undergo an aesthetic procedure, those comments were followed by his proposal for fines for businesses that play reggaeton, for which he was also criticized, even Yandel reacted to his proposition.

Now, the artist – who was the mentor of The academy this year – again gave something to talk about by revealing that he is not interested in these moments of sing songs by Juan Gabrielwhose luctuous anniversary was celebrated last Sunday.

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“I have no plans to sing anything by Juan Gabriel Precisely because many performers are singing and singing covers of him and it turns out to be very hackneyed, but when I do it I’ll try to do it at a time when it’s unexpected, that it’s not the time to expect something from Juan Gabriel, that’s where I’ll go to get out,” said Aleks Syntek in an interview for the Venga la Alegría program.

He pointed out that when he decides to release a song by The Divo of Juarez It will do so with the permission of Iván Aguilera, the son and universal heir of Juan Gabriel.

In matters of copyright when you do not alter the work, you do not change the lyrics or you do not change the music, It is almost 100 percent certain that a publisher will allow you to use the song to do a reversal, but if you were to transform something, that’s where they can stop you and block you.

Aleks Syntek reveals how he got along with Juan Gabriel

The interpreter of Sex, modesty and tears He said that he had an excellent relationship with the singer born in Parácuaro. She also remembered an anecdote

“The only thing I can say is that I met him in person, I sang with him at the National Auditorium, He behaved divinely with me, I have nothing but gratitude towards him, but above all a lot of admiration. I really think his work as a composer and performer is something that is a national treasure. for us Mexicans,” he added.


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