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Aleks Syntek denies hate campaign against reggaeton: “Puerto Ricans vandalize my networks”

For a couple of years the composer Aleks Syntek has been in the middle of the controversy because of his statements around the reggaetona musical genre with which he does not empathize and wants to be censored.

In addition, it has pigeonholed it towards a population sector, ensuring that It’s the waiters who listen to this style. Recently Syntek was involved in yet another scandal by suggesting to the authorities fine everyone who plays reggaeton in public spaces that he considers inappropriate, however, after the criticism received, he repented and blamed the media.

According to the also singer, his statements have been taken out of context, so he decided put an end and speak for the last time about the topic.

Aleks Syntek talks about reggaeton again

Last Thursday Aleks Syntek attended as a guest to the program ‘Adela told me.’ In the little more than 50 minutes of interview, the composer spoke about the beginnings of his career and the work projects that he has at the door; nevertheless, the obligatory theme of the conversion was Aleks’ relationship with reggaeton.

Adela Micha herself recalled the origin of the controversy, since it was five years ago on her program ‘The Saga’ where Aleks first expressed his feelings about the urban genre. After this Syntek indicated that used the wrong words to refer to the musical style and that this was used by the media to supposedly distort it.

Due to the above, he commented that it is time to close this chapter of his life, which is why he spoke on the subject for the last time.

Aleks Syntek denies leading a campaign against reggaeton

First denied the existence of a campaign against the genre orchestrated by himself and assured that his desire is not to ‘put his foot in them’.

“I am frontal and I have always said, reggaeton is not my thing, it doesn’t make me happy

However, he reaffirmed his position of censorship by putting on the table the proposal for fine establishments and public places that play reggaeton at times that they do not consider appropriate.

Aleks Syntek assures that Puerto Ricans attack him

He also stated that Puerto Ricans are the ones attacking him through social networks, since he cataloged reggaeton as his religion or max.

“Puerto Rican boys they vandalize my social networks with ridicule, attacks, threats

Finally, he commented that beyond his distaste for the genre, what he dislikes is the alienation felt by young peoplesince they are lost from other styles.

“There are artists of 18 or 20 years who are doing boleros, salsa, jazz and pop,” he concluded.

you can hear their statements from minute 38:17.


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