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Alejandro Speitzer defends Danna Paola from criticism for her physique: “It seems very bad to me”

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Danna Paola It became a trend on social networks this Thursday because it announced its tour of several states in the country, but in previous days the famous was the center of controversy after a tiktoker and other Internet users criticized her for her physique.

In this situation, Alexander Speitzergreat friend of the former protagonist of the series Elite, came to his defense during a meeting with several reporters, which was taken up by the program Todayfrom Telemundo.

Danna Paola attacks tiktoker for criticizing her “extremely thin” body

“I just talked to her (Danna) a while ago. I find it very bad that they are talking about the physique of a personSpeitzer said.

The protagonist of the series dark desire pointed out that “we are at a time in life when You have to be very careful with those things.”.

“I don’t want to go into all those issues that seem very sensitive to me,” Alejandro added.

He also acknowledged that “there are people who really go through those things and I think you have to be very respectful”.

Danna Paola responds to tiktoker who criticized her physique

After the tiktoker Edrei Peña (@edreipena) shared a video where he talked about Danna Paola’s physique – “Look at the amount of weight she has lost, look at the bones that stand out on her back and chest” –, the famous He responded with a brief but forceful message.

Aoc, it’s not my body, I don’t think, dear”, commented Danna in the clip of the content creator.

After this and other comments in support of the Mexican celebrity, the tiktoker clarified in another recording that he never intended to harm her: “He kindly left a comment on my video, in which I expressed concern for his health (…) I am his fan ever since she sang Candy World.”


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