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Alejandro Speitzer defended Danna Paola against criticism of her physique: “You have to be very respectful”

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Both Mexican actors began their artistic careers when they were children. (Instagram photo: @alejandrospeitzer)

In recent months, Danna Paola has positioned herself among the main trends in social networks for her musical releases, their participation in some concerts and awardsbut above all for his physical appearance. Since his leading role in Elite has been harshly criticized for how it looks -something that can be considered as body shaming– and in the face of these constant attacks, Alejandro Speitzer defended his dear friend.

The native of Culiacán, Sinaloa, held a meeting with the media after his arrival at the Mexico City International Airport. In front of the cameras come the joy was questioned about the controversy surrounding his co-star in ray of light (2000), because thanks to the content that both have published on their social networks and some statements they have made in different interviews, it is known that they are very good friends.

Without delving too deeply into such a delicate subject, Alejandro Speitzer made a call to avoid comments on the appearance of any person: “I find it very bad that they are talking about the physique of a person […] We are at a time in life where we have to be very careful with these issues.”

At the insistence, he added: “I do not want to go into all those issues that seem very delicate to me. There are people who really go through those things and I think you have to be very respectful”.

Danna Paola’s forceful response to criticism of her physique

(Photo: Instagram/ @dannapaola)
(Photo: Instagram/ @dannapaola)

A few weeks ago the protagonist of Dare to dream (2009) -telenovela where she also worked with Alejandro Speitzer- she attended two important events as a special guest: MTV Miaw 2022 Y Youth Awards 2022. As expected, he stole the spotlight at both ceremonies, but not for his on-stage performances or his outfitsbut because of its appearance.

Photos and videos of the events went viral on social networks, where their fans and the general public gave their opinion about it. It was thus that the tiktoker Edrei Peña shared a video where he expressed his concern for the young singer and highlighted some characteristics of her physique as a sign of her “excessive weight loss”.

“I am very concerned about Danna Paola’s health (…) Look at the photos, the amount of weight she has lost, look at the bones that stand out on his back and on his chest“, said.

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