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Alejandro Sanz Shares How He Recorded “Imagine”

Alejandro Sanz Shares How He Recorded

MEXICO CITY (AP) .— For Alejandro Sanz, the message of world peace in the song “Imagine” performed on the video for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics is now more necessary than ever.

“I think this is one of the most beautiful hymns that has been written about pop in history, the message could not be more reconciled at this time,” he said yesterday from Andalusia, Spain, his family’s land.

“The Games and the Olympics represent the magic that the whole world needed,” he said.

Sainz sang “Imagine”, originally by John Lennon and his Japanese wife Yoko Ono, in a pre-recorded video with John Legend, Keith Urban and Angelique Kidjo.

The organizers solicited musicians from all continents to be represented with the song.

He was called upon by the German film music composer Hans Zimmer, who was responsible for producing this version.

“He sent me Zimmer’s arrangements, they’re as exciting as everything he does in movies,” he said.

“I took the opportunity to record (audio) at home and we went to a studio to make a green background (of the video) to simulate the acting,” the Spaniard explained.

For Sanz, what’s most striking about “Imagine” is that it’s a song that made her dream of a better world, a sentiment that represents the Olympic Games. The musician said seeing the athletes already in the stadium during the ceremony gave him hope.

“It’s an example and a very great teaching that athletes give us,” the singer-songwriter said.

Sanz also announced that he is “teasing up” for his next album.

“I really want to be able to show everything that I have done during the pandemic. “A lot of music and a lot of lyrics,” he concluded.