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Alejandro Fernandez’s son marries after 10 years (Video)

Alejandro Fernandez's son marries after 10 years (Video)

Mexico City.- Alex fernandez He married his girlfriend Alexia Hernández, with whom he has been in a relationship for 10 years.

The happy couple shared their meeting moments via social networks, where Son of Alejandro Fernandez He expressed how happy he was about this experience with Alexia, which he described as the love of his life.

“I want to be a young father and I love him a lot,” he confessed a few months ago when he asked his girlfriend to marry him, which he was thinking of, but one of his sisters got ahead of him and Decided to wait a little longer.

Once ready, the artist announced her wedding engagement on the social network on 14 September, and then specified that although the Kovid-19 epidemic had not yet ended, she did not want to wait long to get married .

“I want to share with you that in the happiest and most important moments I have had today during a civic ceremony in my beloved city, joining my life with my partner and my best friend Alexia for more than 10 years A live from. Guadalajara, Jalisco “, he wrote along with a snapshot with his now-estranged wife.

Yesterday, in Guadalajara on Friday, Vicente Fernandez’s grandson shared a dream celebration with family and friends, with Poncho de Nigris being one of the guests.

In the evening, Alex Fernandez became very romantic and sang for his wife and audience. Fernandez has clarified that the most fragile grandparents in the family are Vicente Fernandez and his wife, grandmother Kuquita.

Alex said in a recent interview before her wedding, “Thinking about them we take care of each other a lot. We’ve only seen each other.” The experience was of Camilla’s wedding, which was attended by 200 guests, all with their own test that they were free from the Kovid-19.

Despite similar precautions and care, in April, Alejandro Fernandez became infected with Kovid a few days before his 50th birthday, when he was about to attend the Latin AMA gala. Now, recovered and planned a concert tour with his son Alex Fernandez and recently released as a grandfather, “El Potrillo” can only smile at the possibilities presented this year.

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