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Alejandro Fernández receives a summons, what are they accusing him of?

MEXICO.- Alexander Fernandez faces a new legal dispute after a copycat known as “Simifoal”, will indicate that he seeks to clear his name, after he was sued by the singer for improper use of the brand. Recently, the Institute of Alternative Justice of the State of Jalisco summoned the son of Vicente Fernandez to clarify and resolve this situation, but he did not show up. What will happen now?

Alejandro Fernández receives a summons, what are they accusing him of?

It was in 2019, when Emmanuel Mercado, better known as “SimiPotrillo”, was sued by Alejandro Fernández after the interpreter of “I dedicate myself to lose you” complained about the use of his image.

“It all started in 2019 when he (Alejandro Fernández) decided to initiate a process against me; my team and I respect him at all times and that affected my image and my work. In 2020, this process was postponed due to pandemic issues, and at the last appointment in which I had to introduce myself in INDAUTORwe answered and expressed our arguments, and the authority gave them time to answer, but they did not continue, they did not demonstrate what they said, and the only thing they did, unfairly, was stain my name and an artistic mark “, Market explained.

The man, who is part of a copycat group popular, did not reveal many details about the meeting scheduled by the Alternative Justice Institute of the State of Jalisco. However, he claimed that he was sent a summons to the also called “The foal” to attend said meeting, but the singer ignored it.

Also, the imitator “SimiFoal” He indicated that it was necessary to extend the term because “a time was requested, since no agreement was reached.”

“Time was requested to talk with Alejandro Fernández, since he did not come, to see what happens at the next meeting, because only his legal representative came,” the imitator explained to Publimetro.

What does the imitator of Alejandro Fernández want?

Emmanuel Market, who for three years since the lawsuit was filed against him, is immersed in the search for justice. Likewise, he indicated that in addition to seeking a public apology, he also wants to intercede for the imitators who dedicate themselves to honoring celebrities such as Alexander and his father don Vicente Fernandez.

“No financial remuneration. Am demanding a public apology in the media where he smeared my name. The only intention we have is to clear our name, because it was unfairly tarnished by Alexander Fernandez“, detailed the imitator.

“SimiPotrillo” stressed that his image was morally affected and his work was diminished by this situation.

“I know how to earn money, so I’m not interested in being given a penny, although this process did affect me a lot, it hit me hard because no one wanted to hire me… So it’s necessary that my name be cleared,” he asserted. Emmanuel.

For his part, the Alternative Justice Institute invited again to Alexander Fernandez so that he can reach an agreement with Emmanuel Mercado and avoid a legal battle.

Reference from yucatan

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