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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Alejandro Fernández makes his fans “rude” on stage (VIDEO)

  • The Mexican singer despises his fans
  • Alejandro Fernández receives strong criticism
  • The new look of Alex Fernández that has raised controversy

Alejandro Fernandez rude fans. The son of the late singer Vicente Fernández, has been involved in some controversies in recent days, either for his radical change of look, or for being “rude” with fans, as shown in a TikTok that recently went viral, where he is seen doing the unthinkable.

Alex is one of the most recognized singers in Mexico, and most loved in all of Latin America, however the affection of the public has not saved him from escaping from the public eye and from being talked about. Now, Alex will have to show his face after what he did in the middle of the scene.

Alejandro Fernández rude fans: He does the unthinkable with a Dr. Simi!

Alejandro Fernández rudeness fans

After Alejandro Fernández returned to the stage after vacationing with his girlfriend Karla Laveaga in Europe, the interpreter of ‘Me Dediqué a Perderte’, made tremendous rudeness to his fans in the middle of the scene, because in the last few hours he has been harshly criticized by his attidude.

And it is that it has become quite common for fans of artists to throw them the famous Dr. Simi stuffed animals, as signs of affection. This time he went to Alejandro Fernández who was thrown one, but it seems that he did not like it at all and ended up kicking it. Filed Under: Alejandro Fernández rudeness fans

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