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Alejandro Fernández is denounced by his imitator, the Simi Potrillo, what happened?

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The singer Alejandro Fernández, also known as Potrillo, was denounced by his impersonator, the “Simi Potrillo”, after which the singer received a subpoena in his native Jalisco, and here we explain what happened and what the dispute is.

Who are Vicente Fernández’s heirs: He knows all his children The Jalisco State Institute of Alternative Justice has subpoenaed the 51-year-old interpreter to resolve a legal dispute between the singer and his impersonator, but local media reported that Fernández didn’t show up for the appointment . The legal trouble began in 2018 when Alejandro Fernández launched a court case against his impersonator for allegedly profiting from his image.

However, the Simi Foaly said it affected his work after employers were reluctant to continue hiring him. The court proceedings were also discontinued in 2020 due to the pandemic. El Simi Potrillo, whose name is Emmanuel Mercado, explained that he appeared at the National Copyright Institute (INDAUTOR) where he presented his arguments and that institute gave Fernández some time to reply, but he did not do so. Mercado assured that a subpoena was sent to Alejandro, but he ignored it. After Alejandro Fernández was denounced by his impersonator, Simi Potrillo assured that he was only asking for a public apology for the “defilement of his name” and that he was not expecting any financial compensation.

Emmanuel is known for a 15-year career impersonating other characters such as Juan Gabriel and Christian Nodal and having participated in the television show Parodiando. Niurka attacks Nodal for having a tattooed face: “It’s Naquería, it looks like a newspaper”

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