Alejandro Fernandez admits that Ketna is the master of his Serenade

The singer introduced tenderness by sharing some pictures next to her granddaughter, Camilla and Francisco Barba’s daughter.

Gudalajra- Alejandro Fernandez declares himself completely in love A very young lady but no, this is not a new victory, but His granddaughter Ketna, Daughter of Camilla Fernandez and Francisco Barba, who is barely one and a half years old.

“Blessed, owner of all the Seiden I left; Blessed,” wrote the so-called “foal” on her Instagram account, a message she carried along Two photos In which Appears with the child.

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Response to such tender image He did not wait, as not only his fans praised him for how good he looked as a grandfather, but also shared his happiness with his Mexican colleagues and from the other side of the world.

Another sexy grandmother Maribel Guardia congratulates her For the moment she is living: “God bless your precious granddaughter! Many more will come, so take care of that voice because you are very sinister.”

His daughter Camilla responded For this publication of the interpreter “Nub Viajera” with the following message: “Ay Hermosos Miss Dos”.

Kayana must have been the reason for marriage

In a special way Camilla Fernandez got married With francisco barba In august of last year, In the midst of the strongest phase of the epidemic, for which the Fernandez family received much criticism.

At the time the bride’s pregnancy was not detected, it was until January 2021 when the happy news was released.

Ketna appeared to the world on 14 March 2021. In a private hospital in Guadalajara by Caesarean section, weighing 3 kg 660 grams.

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