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Alejandro Camacho confirmed that Rebecca Jones has cancer

So far, the actress has not commented on the recent statements of her former partner. (Instagram photo: @la_rebeccajones)

A few weeks ago rumors began to circulate about the state of health of Rebecca Jones that pointed out that the ovarian cancer she suffered from had returned to her body. Given the wave of speculation that was unleashed, the beloved interpreter denied everything and explained that it would not be possible because from the beginning of her treatment her ovaries were removed. However, during a meeting with the media, her ex-husband, Alejandro Camacho, confirmed that she would again be facing this disease.

The protagonist of unforgettable melodramas such as Secret of love, Cradle of wolves (1986), To love again Y Iron soul was questioned before the cameras of the program Today about his ex-wife and, to the surprise of many, he broke the silence about the health situation he would be facing for the second time. And it is that according to the actor, the cancer returned to Rebecca Jones.

Rebecca is perfectly fine, Rebecca is working, she is healthy, she does indeed have cancer, however, she is such a strong woman and has such strength that she is perfect.

Alejandro Camacho did not share more details about it, so It is unknown what type of cancer the actress is currently facing.. However, he took advantage of his approach to the media to publicly acknowledge the strength that has characterized her ex-partner for years and lovingly commented that she is radiant despite the circumstances.

I saw a photo of her three days ago and I see her very beautiful, whole, very well, very strong… admirable”, he added.

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