Home Entertainment Alejandra Guzmán talks about Silvia Pinal’s health (video)

Alejandra Guzmán talks about Silvia Pinal’s health (video)

Alejandra Guzmán habla del contagio de Silvia Pinal

“La Guzmán” spoke of Silvia Pinal’s Covid infection and made sure that it was stable.

MEXICO CITY. – On the morning of this December 23, it was reported that Silvia Pinal is admitted to the hospital Medica Sur, in Mexico City for a Covid-19 infection.

Through an interview with the morning “Venga la Alegría”, his daughter Alejandra Guzman confirmed that the lead actress was hospitalized Wednesday afternoon 22 because of hypotension in addition to having a lower than normal heart rate. But it was later diagnosed the infection with the coronavirus.

Likewise the son of the actress, Luis Enrique informed that some studies will be carried out to determine the treatment that the businesswoman will follow.

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Alejandra Guzmán gives the state of health of Silvia Pinal. known

Singer Alejandra Guzman Through a phone call with the show “Venga la Alegría”, he indicated that the Pinal family is calm, since the 90-year-old actress is stable and to be something entirely conscious. ‘La Guzmán’ has confirmed that Silvia Pinal count on them complete vaccination schedule.

Alejandra explained that too Symptoms the actress del Cine de Oro and for that she had to take her to the hospital.

“Yesterday Your heart rate has dropped the pressure was increased. They gave him medicine to get it down then he reacted very abruptly. A doctor came who always sees her and gave her a serum. There we decided to take her to Médica Sur in an ambulance. You have to wait for your studies and they’re just inserting a catheter. He has Covid, “said the singer.

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The performer of “Queen of Hearts” pointed out that the disease is still in one Initial phase, his mother is doing well and without complications so far.

So much Alexandra like his brother Luis Enrique You mentioned that the Covid-19 test is carried out to rule out infection as they have been in contact with it. Frida Sofía’s mother remembered contracting the coronavirus a few months ago.

We do the test because we were in contact with her, hugging her, kissing her. So here we are, ”said the rocker from the hospital.

Luis Enrique pointed out that Silvia on all charms of Way to the hospital while in the ambulance.

It should be noted that this is not the first time the actress has had health complications this year. It wasn’t until June that the actress came to the hospital for certain blood pressure-related ailments, but after a few days of undergoing examinations and clinical tests to treat her condition, Silvia Pinal left the clinic.

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