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Alejandra Guzmán did not want to sing to Silvia Pinal in her tribute; Pasquel clarifies the controversy

The tribute of Silvia Pineal, first actress, was carried out without any problem at the Palace of Fine Arts. However, as expected, the controversy on the subject began to be present. The dimes and diretes about what happened within the ceremony have already begun to gain strength. One of them is the reason why Alejandra Guzmán did not sing for her mother -unlike Stephanie Chambers (granddaughter of Silvia Pinal)–. Is it true that Sylvia Pasquel did not contemplate it? The actress herself told the truth.

It was in an interview for Javier Poza, where Sylvia Pasquel spoke in detail about the tribute to her mother that she successfully carried out in Fine Arts. she counted how it felt to celebrate her in life and to recognize her for her great career that supports her.

Sylvia Pasquel reacts to her nomination at the Ariel Awards: “The culmination of something very cool”

Alejandra Guzmán’s controversial comment

However, the actress was also questioned about the rumors that began to circulate regarding Alejandra Guzmán. This after Frida Sofía’s mother made a controversial comment during the tribute, where she made She emphasized that although she did not have to sing, she is very grateful to the famous:

“Well, it was not my turn to sing, but I want to thank you, mother, for all the things you have shown us that any woman can do because you have done more than that, you have achieved your dreams and you have achieved much more than any woman as an artist, as a mother, as I know you. Thank you for giving us life, for giving us a beautiful family, full of discipline and example; Thank you for giving us talent, giving us your blood, giving us your caste and giving us that smile always, every day so beautiful, “said La Guzmán.


Sylvia Pasquel clarifies controversy: didn’t she let Alejandra Guzmán sing?

Pasquel didn’t want me to sing? Sylvia Pasquel bluntly clarified that it was Alejandra Guzmán who refused to sing to her mother Silvia Pinal, because she justified herself by saying that she only wanted to accompany her.

“He didn’t want to, I sent him WhatsApp, Javier, explaining to him about the tribute, everything that was going to happen in the tribute. And in that WhatsApp I told her that it was going to be done and that it would be very nice if she participated by singing a song of hers to her mother and she did not want to. She spoke to Efigenia and told her ‘I’m just going to go as a daughter, I’m not going to go to work,’” Pasquel recalled.

Likewise, she clarified that if Alejandra Guzmán made that comment so that they would think that she was not required, perhaps she succeeded, but that she has all the evidence:

“I think he did make that comment because he didn’t sing there, but of course I invited my sister… she didn’t want to. And if with that comment she wants to make people think that I didn’t invite her, well, she did it. But I can prove that she was indeed invited,” she added.

Alejandra Guzmán and Sylvia Pasquel don’t get along?

Alejandra Guzmán’s comment undoubtedly caused a stir, because even in the program the sun rises, Alex Kaffie said that between the singer and Pasquel there is acrimony:

“The roughness was noted. We know that Alejandra Guzmán and Sylvia Pasquel have always screwed up. And it was seen in Alejandra Guzmán’s reproach of ‘they didn’t invite me to sing’”, commented Alex Kaffie.

“They weren’t even going to give him a word,” added Ana María Alvarado.


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