Home Entertainment Alejandra Guzmán confessed that she did not want a daughter (VIDEO)

Alejandra Guzmán confessed that she did not want a daughter (VIDEO)

Alejandra Guzmán confessed that she did not want a daughter (VIDEO)

The singer had to explain what she meant and it had nothing to do with her love for her daughter.

MEXICO CITY.- Before Frida Sofia condemned her grandfather, singer Enrique Guzmán, for sexually abusing her when she was a child, alejandra guzman With tears on his face, he assured again and again that he wanted to make peace Her daughter.

But recently, fans of Frida have reacted badly to an interview that the “Queen of Hearts” interpreter conducted in which she performs a difficult task. Confessions about her motherhood.

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I didn’t want a daughter…

In an interview with the program “Hoy”, the singer announced that the song “I was waiting for you” – Topics that have gained relevance after the dispute between Frida Sofia and Guzmán – He did not compose it for his daughter, Who is 29 years old at present.

In conversation with Dawn, Alejandra, who sings a song that Mother’s sweet wait tells who longs to come his younger son, indicated that when he wrote it, the idea of ​​being inspired by his daughter did not come to his mind, as she I didn’t want a girl, but a boy.

“The song ‘I was waiting for you’ was taken from a letter I wrote to my son, because i wanted a boy Everything was written in ‘O’, the singer confessed on the morning of the televisa, hinting that her wish was to be the mother of a boy, not a girl, as had happened.

Rocker has repeatedly said that loves his daughter and that’s everything to her, but since her father has decided proceed legally against Frida Sofia, ‘La Guzmán’ shows her unconditional support for her father.

For her part, her daughter has assured that the singer has made no effort to be close to her in these terrifying moments.