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Alejandra Guzmán and Erik Rubín sing together in concert; this was their reunion

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Alejandra Guzman returned to the stage almost two months after his tour very bitchy with Pauline Rubio will come to an end. The singer appeared this weekend at the Mexico City Arena to start your tour Yoursbut what caught the public’s attention the most was his reunion with Erik Rubinwho was his partner in the 1990s.

But, the daughter of Silvia Pinal and the former Timbiriche they not only exchanged a few words, they also sang a duet of one of the hits of Queen of hearts. Without a doubt, it was an epic moment for the fans who have followed every moment of the career of The Guzman.

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Before revealing the name of her guest, Alejandra Guzmán gave a brief speech about love and winked at the media love triangle in which she was involved along with Paulina Rubio and Erik Rubinand that gave rise to his song Hey güera.

“I have a great surprise for you, love is beautiful and love is real, I think that when it is real it will always be eternal, it will always be the same and sometimes you have to let it go,” he said.

Without further comment, Erik Rubín entered the scene and sang with his ex-girlfriend Love you againunleashing the shouts and applause of the 20 thousand people who were present at the rocker’s opening show.

This is how Andrea Legarreta reacted

The participation of the former Timbiriche it was confirmed a few weeks ago when The Guzman announced his tour. The images of the recent reunion were shared on the program Todaywhere Andrea Legarreta She shared her feelings when seeing her husband together with who was his girlfriend.

Besides, they sang a great song, Erik says that Ale (was) very loving, says she’s a bitch. I could not go, but the reality is that she says that the audience is happy … And the truth is that they say that the show is not to be missed, “said the host.

Erik Rubín was not the only one to accompany Alejandra Guzmán, they were also guests Fei, with whom he sang Eternally beautifulY Aleks Syntec.


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