Home Entertainment Alec Baldwin surrounds himself with gurus and philosophers to find peace

Alec Baldwin surrounds himself with gurus and philosophers to find peace

Alec Baldwin surrounds himself with gurus and philosophers to find peace

After the worst year of his life, Alec Baldwin wants to shuffle and give again. The actor, who accidentally killed a woman on the set of a movie in October, shared an extensive reflection with his followers on Instagram about the event, his present and his future.

In a video of almost thirteen minutes in length, the 63-year-old interpreter speaks to the camera once again of the drama in which he is involved, after accidentally shoot and kill on the set of the western Rust to cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in late October.

Although Baldwin notes that he does not like or keep good New Year’s resolutions very much, he explains that was talking to various spiritual and philosophical leaders since the death of Hutchins. And, according to the actor, thanks to these tips, he hopes to eliminate all negative thoughts from his life in 2022.

Alec Baldwin In The New Years Video He Posted On Instagram.  Photo: Instagram.

Alec Baldwin in the New Years video he posted on Instagram. Photo: Instagram.

What did baldwin say

Alec Baldwin explains that “there have been more kind, thoughtful and generous-minded people than evil because of the death of Halyna Hutchins.” And he adds: “I am not afraid to express myself without euphemisms: someone died in a very tragic way. And I’ve received so much goodwill from people that it’s just amazing. “

The actor – who, according to Google, was the most wanted person of 2021– recognizes that it is “without a doubt” the worst situation in which he was involved in his life. And he assures: “I am very hopeful that the people in charge of investigating all this will get to the truth as soon as possible. Nobody wants the truth more than me. “

Then tell how you are dealing with this situation. “I had some very interesting phone conversations with some very interesting people that I won’t name,” he begins.

And he adds: “Some of them are quite well-known people who deal with all kinds of behavioral, philosophical, religious, spiritual, meditation, of all kinds, to reach a state of mind in which I really short-circuit everything negative in his life“.

“I want to do my best to keep negativity from getting to me. My goal is peace and deepening my relationships with the people I love, bringing them closer to me and improving relationships with the people I care about ”, he says.

Alec Baldwin Made A 13 Minute Video And Posted It On Instagram.  Photo: Instagram.

Alec Baldwin made a 13 minute video and posted it on Instagram. Photo: Instagram.

In family

The actor also reveals that he recently traveled to the west coast of the United States to spend time with his 26-year-old daughter, Ireland, born from his marriage to the actress. Kim basinger.

Baldwin is father of six other children with Hilaria Lynn Hayward-Thomas: Carmen (8 years old), Rafael (6), Leonardo (5), Romeo (3), Eduardo (1) and María, born in 2021 from a surrogate womb. The couple have been married since June 2012.

Although Baldwin continues to avoid appearing in public after the accident, this New Year’s recording follows his Christmas greetings to thank his fans for the support received during these months.

Ireland Baldwin, Alec Baldwin'S Daughter, Expressed Her Support For Her Dad.

Ireland Baldwin, Alec Baldwin’s daughter, expressed her support for her dad.

Ongoing investigation

The actor is still being investigated by the police about the death of Hutchins. That Thursday, October 21, Baldwin held a pistol while rehearsing a scene on the New Mexico set of the film. Rust. The gun went off and a bullet killed the cinematographer and wounded the director, Joel Souza.

One of the latest news about the case is that the actor had to hand over his phone to be analyzed. However, it remains to be established how a pistol loaded with live ammunition could reach the filming set and into the hands of the actor, who was also a producer of the film.


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