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Alberto Estrella says that the producer made him an unseemly proposal: “with a lot of money”

albert starknown for his prolific film career and his antagonistic roles in Televisa soap operas, was a guest on the most recent broadcast of the program Divine Net. During the broadcast, the Mexican actor confessed that a renowned producer made him an unseemly proposal.

After Natalia Tellez confess that they have felt used by friends or acquaintances to enter the world of entertainment, albert star He pointed out that he has never had a similar experience; However, in her early days, a producer offered her to travel around the world with her in exchange for her giving up acting for a while.

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“Yes, I have suddenly had proposals, and especially when I was young… Someone told me on one occasion: ‘drop everything and we are going to travel around the world, but leave your career like this, three years at least’ “he counted Albert Star.

The famous did not want to reveal the name of the woman in question, he only pointed out that he had a wealthy capital and despite this he rejected his offer without having to think twice.

“I said: ‘me three years?’ And from a person who also didn’t, I mean, I did like her, but well no… But with a lot of cash, and this woman, well, she’s a very famous producer, I’m not going to say her name“.

The actor noted that he “didn’t have a hard time deciding I didn’t want that.” He stressed that they have made offers of this nature that he has never accepted: “One suddenly says, the fact that maybe I’m going to be able to make a film in Europe, not in the United States, is attractive, I like it better there”.

Likewise, he clarified that they have never threatened to leave him without a paper for not accepting an unseemly offer and mentioned that he is in favor of enjoying life with whomever one wants.

There have been proposals, but not ‘if you don’t do this, then you won’t have your character’. It has been independent of that, and the truth is that I believe that life has to be enjoyed, but with whom one wants to be and in the place one wants to be.”

Paola Rojas and Alberto Estrella in ‘Netas Divinas’

Later, the driver questioned the actor about how he interacts with his fellow actresses and asked him if he has doubted how much to approach a woman or when to pay a compliment or not.

“And also this praise or say something, you already think about it,” Alberto Estrella said before being interrupted by Paola Rojas, who laughed and replied: “Hey, you can tell me what you want.”

“You are very pretty”replied the actor.


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