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Alberto Aguilera, son of Juan Gabriel, denied being in jail and having had sex with “El Divo de Juárez”

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Alberto Aguilera Jr., son of John Gabrielhas been involved in controversy for some years due to problems with the United States justice system and, after it emerged a few weeks ago that apparently was arrested in Texas, the man denied the facts and took the opportunity to emphasize that The Divo of Juarez never sexually abused him.

It was on August 16 when the news broke that apparently the son of the interpreter of hits like Hold me very tight, dear either until i met you was apprehended in El Paso, after spending several years on the run.

And it is that the problems of the adoptive son of Juan Gabriel would have started in 2012, when he harassed an official. Also, when he was captured back then he was sentenced to five years probationa fine of USD 500 and 200 hours of community service, but by not complying with it, he returned to the list of the most wanted criminals in the region.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

It was so that after speculation about his arrest and even some statements such as Silvia Urquidi -former manager of Juan Gabriel- who assured the arrest of Alberto Aguilera Jr, he was the same son of Divo from Juarez who ended the assumptions once and for all.

“It’s a lie (I was in jail) I was in Cancun and they went to wake me up because they thought I was detained, but I was in Cancun,” Alex Rodríguez told the reporter exclusively for the program Sit who can.

In this sense, Alberto pointed out that although he is currently a fugitive, he is He plans to settle his pending accounts with the US authorities.

“The thing about El Paso, I did contact a lawyer, so that when I finish my things here in Mexico, all the lawsuits and that I’m going to fix it there. I surrender and see what is going to be fixed“, said.

Regarding why he did not finish serving his sentence in the United States, Juan Gabriel’s son stressed that it was because he was fed up with not feeling completely free.

“I finished everything, it was two years and six months since they sent me to one or another room in the state (…) then another two years and they were going to release me (…) and I didn’t show up the next day. Then I ran out of fear, I no longer wanted to be locked up, and I was fed up with being locked up so much”, he mentioned to the journalist.

Alberto Aguilera confessed that he has also had problems in the North American country derived from his problems with alcohol.

“The charges I have is because when my son died they caught me drinkingI put on Facebook where I was, the police came and took me (…) and when there are three times it becomes a felony, “he said.

It was reported that he cannot enter the United States (Photo: Special)
It was reported that he cannot enter the United States (Photo: Special)

The son of the famous singer-songwriter revealed that he has been a fugitive in Mexico for six years, so he was still in the country when his father was alive.

Faced with questions about whether he suffered sexual abuse by Juan Gabriel, Alberto was upset and stressed that all this was false. Likewise, He hinted that he will take legal action against those who have supported said version.

“I have already clarified it and the truth is that we are thinking of filing a complaint with the United States lawyer.because what they are talking about is too much, they are pure lies”he concluded.


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