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Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson performs second nose piercing

Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson has some new bling, and its staging is front and center.

here comes honey boo boo The star revealed the two nose piercings in an Instagram video, a diamond stud on each nostril. The 16-year-old posted the short video plugging a new T-shirt line that she designed herself and didn’t mention the nose piercing, but everyone took notice and made it known in the comments section.

One fan commented, “You are naturally beautiful, you don’t need to enhance anything, (ie eyelashes, excessive nails…) Just know that. ️ See you every week!” Another fan wrote, “Love double nose piercing super cute!”

According to page sixThompson got his nose pierced for the first time in the fall of 2020, ahead of his 15th birthday.

Last week, ET had an exclusive clip from Mama June: Road to Redemption In which Thompson debates inviting his mother to attend his high school graduation.

During a conversation with Dr. Ish, Thompson is clearly annoyed when she sits down with a psychiatrist to discuss her ongoing, rocky relationship with Mama June.

“I’m going to graduate soon, but, like, should I invite you over to my graduation because are you going to come too?” Thompson asked.

Thompson continued after Dr. Ish pointed to a bold statement from Alana, “She’s not going there just because she wants to be there.”

Back in May, Mama June spoke with ET about where she and Thompson’s relationship lies while the teenager lives apart from her.

“Alana knows the door is always open. She knows I’ve always been here,” Mama June shared. “Again, she’s a teenager and teens are going to be teenagers. That’s the best way I can tell.”

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