Alan Estrada's emotional comeback

With “I Can’t Get Up Today” He Receives An Ovation

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) .— Alan Estrada’s return to the musical “I Can’t Get Up Today” was lovely. The actor made his first appearance of Eight One Night Before Last Night which he would give over the course of two weekends, in which he would once again bring to life Mario, the protagonist of the story.

The third call was made and the lights of the Teatro II Cultural Center went out, giving way to the opening number of the musical, where the performers gave their performances and Mario appeared on stage for the first time.

On a balcony, Estrada appeared and immediately there was applause and screams from the public, to which the YouTuber also responded with a smile.

Throughout the show, the rest of the cast sheltered Allen, who would replace Yahir; And there were hints of his complicity with them, but the actor showed that he has a very good memory and has enough experience to learn the choreography, dialogue and beautiful lines again in a few days, giving the montage another rhythm and energy.

At the end of the musical, when Mario’s character has a short monologue in front of an audience, already in his distinctive red jacket, people stand up, clap their hands and shout his name in unison, something that makes Alan into Emotions come to tears and give a break in the play so that he can enjoy the moment.

“Today was his first performance and we are so excited, it fills our souls with emotion and joy, that his presence is in this place,” said Rogelio Suárez, who has played Chacas since 2006, when the first The play was staged. in Mexico.

Estrada again thanked the audience for the applause and said that he was delighted to see the many people who have traveled along the path of this musical over the years, besides ensuring that this work was created by Nacho Cano. is very important. them because it changed their lives like many actors who have been a part of this project.

“I am glad to be part of this wonderful cast, which I received with a lot of love, with some of them I already had the opportunity to kiss,” said Estrada, looking and Maria Leone taking hands with whom, she happened to be in this montage in 2014 – not with the others, thank you really, they have been incredible and i think they have given us a magical night, if the cast was like their audience, Today we pu … mom “.

The night ended with Alan thanking Yahir, as he had given her the role for two weeks, and the company hugging her for the night she had helped create.