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Alan Estrada excited to return to a musical

Alan Estrada excited to return to a musical

MEXICO CITY (El UNIVERSAL) .— Alan Estrada will take part as the protagonist of the musical “Today I can’t get up” on the stage of the Centro Cultural Teatro II.

The actor assured that he was living his first rehearsal with intensity with the full production of “Today I Can’t Get Up”.

“I’m so happy but nervous, my blood boils when I listen to music. My colleagues are incredible, the work is working wonderfully, a very special magic of ‘I can’t get up today’ Well, a big reason why I return is because my colleagues (Rogelio Suarez, Maria Leone and David Carrillo) are there. , I think time does not pass, I look them in the eyes and it refers to me that we What have been working for years”, explained Alan Estrada, who gave life to Mario, the protagonist of this musical, seven years ago, for the last time.

Although Estrada knows the libretto and the natural lines of the work perfectly, there are some things that have changed and it was necessary to work with them, in order to avoid stumbling or stamping on one of the walls of the scene, as That he was supposed to happen to her, but out of it it seems that she has never given up on music.

“I am excited to be back to play this character, there is some nervousness in it because a lot of things depend on me,” he said.

Maria Leone is very excited to be back on stage with him, as she has acquired a special chemistry for which she starred in this musical with YouTuber in 2014.