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Aislinn Derbez spoke about complaints against Coco Levy: “I’m glad her voice has been raised”

Danna Ponce is a graduate of the Center for Artistic Education (CEA). (Instagram photo: @cocolevyguion, @aislinnderbez)

It’s been more than a month since Danna Ponce denounced Jorge Coco Levy for alleged harassment and sexual abuse. Her testimony helped seven other women raise their voices and publicly point out the producer as responsible for other similar situations that he would have committed against him and in the midst of the investigations the production house video cinema decided to remove him from his duties. So far the progress of the case is unknown, however, the alleged victims continue to receive signs of support from their colleagues.

Such is the case of Aislinn Derbez, a renowned Mexican interpreter who is currently promoting her new leading role in What fault is karma?. It was during an interview that he gave in to windowing where he showed his unconditional support for the alleged victims of Coconut Levy and spoke out against the abuse of power, harassment and sexual abuse that have tainted the entertainment industry internationally for years.

“I am glad that the voice has been raised, I am glad because it is something that has finally been happening for many years and It makes me very sad for the girls who experienced that harassment that the truth should not be happening at any time in the world and less at this time“, said.

But that was not all, Eugenio Derbez’s eldest daughter confessed that among the women who accused the producer is one of her close friends. Is about Roman Sacre, who at the beginning of last July turned to his social networks to tell how his testimony, an act of courage that Aislinn applauded.

My friend Romina was one of the main ones who raised her voice, I am super proud that she did it and finally it is something that is happening, that many of us know. It’s good that it’s going to be eradicated, let’s wait, please.

The producer regretted his dismissal from Videocine.  (Screenshot: Instagram/@levy659)
The producer regretted his dismissal from Videocine. (Screenshot: Instagram/@levy659)

In the end, the protagonist of To bad, The House of flowers, Do it like a man Y So sad your life He asked that this any type of aggression be eradicated.

Testimony of Rominca Sacre about Coco Levy

It was at the beginning of last July when Romina Sacre publicly accused the former producer of video cinema via Twitter. According to her version of events, it all happened early in her career, when she attended a “party” where Coco Levy was. On that occasion, she appeared in the company of two other actresses, one of whom she named “Geo” mistrusted the situation and did not want to leave her alone.

“Coco dropped her pants from seeing Geo there, as if he had ruined everything for her. And no, it was not a party. It was a room with 8 or 10 women aged 19-28 and four gentlemen: Coco, Don Ching*n de TelevisaFernando Pérez Gavilán and another man who I never knew who he was,” he wrote.

The “party” seemed like a casting, a meeting to seduce young girls. There was karaoke and several sang touching their bodies. Fernando PG told one: ‘Nobody pays attention to how you sing with that body you carry’. Little by little, the twenty of how things worked in Videocine fell on me.

(Screenshot: Twitter/@RominaSacre)
(Screenshot: Twitter/@RominaSacre)

Romina Sacre commented that, like other alleged victims, she was also summoned to the producer’s office, who after closing the door would have given her a speech about the need to “exploit her sensuality” to get a job and because “you fall for a good mommy! ”. With this, she Sacre clarified that the alleged harassment against her was verbal and she explained that after what happened she decided to completely distance herself from her.


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