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Ainara’s attackers, fugitives

Ainara's attackers, fugitives

Six videos circulated on social networks were presented by the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) as evidence before a controlling judge to prove the involvement of Youtuber Yoselyn “Ann”, aka Yosestop.

he is accused of a crime child pornography, for which he is in the Santa Martha Acatitla prison attached to the procedure.

Enara’s attackers fugitives

Five men – fugitives – linked to the crime, who were responsible for the sexual abuse Anara “n” At a party on 25 May 2018, when I was 16 years old.

According to what is stated in the complaint, all These videos are part of the investigation folder and with which the facts were recognized allegedly criminal and for which the victim requested safeguards.

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evidence against the accused

The record of the content begins with the video in which the attackers have been identified Carlos, Julian, Patricio, Nicolas and Axl recorded the rape Committed between the night of May 25 and the morning of May 26, 2018.

Another documentary is the video of August 14, 2018, where Yelena “Ann”, Fernanda “Ann” and Daniela “Ann”, along with two other women, defeated Ainara, after meeting him at the Oasis Shopping Plaza.

Who submitted the video to YoStop?

Daniela “N” was the one who allegedly YosStop the video. delivered onBefore he reproduced them on his own channels, El Universal was quoted as saying.

The narrative of events indicates that on 22 August 2018 She posted a video on her social network in which she described how the minor was attacked, It also reproduces the material where they are hitting it.

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Anara gives evidence of aggression

Video shot by the influencer’s production team It was presented by the FGJ as evidence number three before the judge.

Ainara posted a video on May 16, 2020 in which talks about the material that Yoselin had, and it is listed by the authorities as evidence number four.

YosStop tries to avoid responsibilities

In response, the respondent responded with a series of publications or stories on Instagram, where heIndicate that you have received everything by email And that the minor knew what his assailants had done to him.

The previous video was broadcast by Yoseline on Twitter, which lasts eight seconds and shows a interrogation after the attack against the girl.

The document states that The content went viral and “caused a stir among users.”