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Ainara kept her word

Ainara kept her word

After Claudia Sheinbaum Ainara demanded equality, Attorney General Ernestina Godoy asked to obtain Yosstop’s mother.

Mexico City.- Ainara Suarez, Those who denounced YouTuber YosStop made their point public on a request made by Mexico City’s head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, to the Attorney General, Ernestina Godoy Ramos. Get Yoseline Hoffman’s mother, Who is accused of child pornography.

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They are prioritizing the influencer

put through to an interview In the program “De Pisa y Corre” on Imagine Television, Ainara said it found her ridiculous What Marina Badui is being given the privilege, To speak with prosecutor Godoy Ramos, Yoseline’s mother.

“It’s not good that they are prioritizing it. Speaking of mothers who are suffering, My mother also suffered They threatened to kill him, they threatened me, my brothers. If you’re going to give her (YosStop) mom a privilege, why not give it to me?” it makes me a little funny, I guess, but I really don’t know how things work. This is my opinion,” the plaintiff said on the news.

Similarly, he explained that filed a complaint when he was 18 years old Because there was a need for a process to be psychologically prepared and to talk about the rape that happened to her.

“It was just the process of being able to speak, I didn’t plan on speaking it at eighteen.Legal process is something where you have to tell it many times And whatever you lived, whatever you felt, think again about it,” the young woman explained.

Why were the alleged rapists not arrested?

Ainara’s lawyer Xavier Schutte noted that Youth who raped Ainara they do a different process And it is under development.

β€œIt is not a question of selective justice, it is not of the fame of the accused or certainly of his gender; This is due to the fact that they are procedures with a different treatment. Based on the fact that Ainara’s assailants were minors at the time of the act, and should be treated as minors, even if they are still older today, unlike Yoseline,” said the complainant’s legal representative.

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