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Ainara assures that he will join YosStop. Wants justice for all the victims of

Ainara reacciona al vídeo de Caeli

In a video, the young woman who slammed the YouTuber revealed that she wants justice for Caeli, Luna Bella and Mika Lascuráin.

Mexico City.- Pineapple suarez, girl who youtuber reported Yoseline Hoffman is known as yesstop By child pornography, appeared in Video She seek justice for him and all Victims of influencer.

The girl made this confession through video response who also published to youtuber calyc, in which without enduring Weeping What has been done in detail victim of harassment and bullying by YosStop in eight years.

Pineapple also indicated that His complaint against ‘Yos’ a way to judge young trans By name mika laskuraini, who he took his own life After teasing and harassing her when she found yosselin talked about her He shared a video on his YouTube channel in which he called her: “weird girl” and “pinch *weird”.

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wants to do justice

In a recording shared on her Instagram, Ainara reacted to the video Of calyc in which accused yesstop Causing psychological harm to various people, but above all girl’s suicide from Sinaloa.

“Today I don’t just want justice for myself, I want justice for Micah, for Callie, for Luna Bella and for all victims of women about the terrible person that he is yosselinI am not doing it for myself, I am doing it for everyone,” Ainara began by saying in her post.

The complainant also said feel powerless for all the loss yesstop people have done with them Video in which he not only exposes them but He insults them, defames them, It humiliates and humiliates without thinking. He also asked how is this? yos can make money At the expense of Suffering Other.

“How helpless it gives me to see how he has made so many people suffer‘How he destroyed Micah’s life to such an extent that it led him to suicide, how you can earn a living by destroying other people, it makes me disastrous and disgusting,'” he said.

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They confirm the arrest of one of their attackers

It was last reported in the afternoon of 28 July that arrest of a young man She rape with ainara A few years back and YosStop revealed this in a video that they shared on YouTube.

hours later, anara lawyer Confirmed that Mexican authorities detained axle ‘n’, Who was it board the plane Bound for Miami, Florida.

It was also stated that operative was created by Elements of Police Investigation (PDI) Office of the Attorney General Justice In association with Mexico City (FGJ-CDMX) Interpol Mexico and the Prosecutor’s Office General of the Republic (FGR).

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