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Age of Dra Polo: How old is Ana María Polo?

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Age of Dr. Polo: Ana María Polo González, known as Dr. Polo, 63, is the queen of Cuban-American court cases on American television for the last two decades. With her famous phrase “I have said” she became one of her most beloved personalities.

With a decades-long career, she is known for creating and hosting the television show Case closed. is a television program broadcast from 2001 to 2019 by the American network Telemundo, whose format is based on conflict resolution.

Dr. Polo’s career

Dr. Polo's career

With a degree in Political Science, and later with a doctorate in Law, Dr. Polo was born in Havana on April 11, 1959, but at the age of two she emigrated to Puerto Rico to complete her first school years. She later arrived at what would be her permanent home, in Miami.

At the young age of 19, Dr. Polo was already married, awaiting the arrival of her first-born, however, he was never born, which would have influenced the end of the marriage years later. However, that did not discourage her and she began her university studies.

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