Home Entertainment After Yostop’s arrest: what happened to the other four people involved?

After Yostop’s arrest: what happened to the other four people involved?

After Yostop's arrest: what happened to the other four people involved?

After confirming the arrest of YouTuber Yoslin “H” they call for the arrest of the miscreants of Ainara Suarez.

Mexico City.— youtuber The yesstop, whose real name is yosselin hoffman the night of 29 june was arrested by police officers from the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office. Yoseline “H” was arrested at her home in the Narvaart neighborhood, the office of the Benito Juárez mayor. The offense of child pornography.

In Video It shows the moment agents transfer the YouTuber to the women’s prison of Santa Martha Accatitla, south of CDMX, to respond to the charge filed by them. anara suarejoWho had filed a case against him three months ago.

It should also be noted that the alleged victim also Four men reported for the offense of sexual assault, After May 25, 2018, those involved raped her and recorded her being completely intoxicated.

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Is Yostop the only culprit?

When Ainara was sexually abused He was 16 years old. Video His breach was spread among his “friends”, social networks and various web pages. But youtuber started talking about that too; In the recording that she shared on her YouTube channel, the influencer also attacked, defamed and Motivated the girl to torture him.

After three years of sexual assault, yostop has stopped Waiting for your legal process to begin. Because of the type of offense, you can promote a settlement and avoid going to trial. Although it has also been said that it can be face punishment From 7 to 14 years in prison.

However, he only one is not included In the rape of Ainara. Carlos “R”, Julian “G”, Axel “A” and Nicolas “B”, was done Reported, and last March, the law firm, Schütte & Delsol Gojon Abogados, issued complaints against the alleged attackers.

According to the lawyers handling the Ainara Suarez case, Complaint was made to the special prosecutor’s office for sex offenses of the Attorney General’s Office for offenses of similar violence and child pornography.

in social networks, feminist group they ask that Four people have also been arrested. These groups have also questioned the authorities whether it was only disclosed youtube arrested And that the four young men still don’t know anything.

Through several messages he has asked the Mexico City Prosecutor’s Office That justice is not selective. However, so far It is not known whether the arrest has already been made one of four men Include On infringement Of the girl