After Plan A, Paulo Londra launches a new song

After Plan A, Paulo Londra launches a new song

Paulo Londra is back. The Cordovan singer – one of the benchmarks of urban music in Argentina and Latin America – surprised the network with a video to announce the release of a new song to her fans.

Hello my people, how are you? i’m happy because Chances are I will release a topic in a few days But a lion has to come out. Let’s see…”, says Londra, looking at the camera. And immediately he shows us a coin in which the “lion” has to come out. Just play like a cat, And the big day to hear it again is this Wednesday (April 6th).

The post added over 200k “likes” in just 20 minutes And many more comments. and, in some way, the event that arises is expected to repeat or exceed plan aHis most recent release.

At the same time, London posted via Twitter: “For those who wanted more, on April 6 we already went back, I’m crazy because I think this topic is my favorite. Looks like I’m going to write part of the letter to hit the handle”.

plan a, London’s latest single, was released a week ago (Wednesday, 23 March) via Spotify. Nevertheless, those who are not subscribers to the music platform can enjoy it through the artist’s official channel on YouTube and iTunes.

Plaque announcing the premiere of the latest Plan A, from Paulo Londra.

Plaque announcing the premiere of the latest Plan A, from Paulo Londra.

plan a It was written by Londra and produced by Federico Windvar and Hot Plug. “It showcases the artist’s never-before-seen musical side, further highlighting his versatility with a song in the punk-rock genre,” the first press release said.

What happened to the big leagues?

With Londra consolidated as one of the undeniable references to the entire urban landscape, it was astonishing that the musician suddenly entered into a silence that many could not explain… what happened to him? Why are we suddenly running out of new songs? Answer: Legal problems. An (almost) clear chapter in a career with so many nascent events at the time of signing his first contract.

Two years ago, In 2020, the legal conflict between Paulo Londra and his until then record label, Big Ligas was made public.and its co-founders.

These are his former producers and partners, Colombian Ovi on the Drums (Daniel Oviedo) and Puerto Rican Cristo (Cristian Salazar). That controversy prevented him from publishing music from 2020. Since the courts finally ruled in his favor, he can return to activity.

“Oh, was that the contract?”

“Christo came with some photocopies, an expensive pen and a filmmaker. He told me we were going to make a video to upload to the network,” said Paulo Londra. “He patted us on his back and asked me to sign some photocopies while he filmed us. I thought it was a simple video and I never thought it was a contract they enforce in such a confusing way”Londra accuses his former partner,

Later, after Cordovan followed, they were met by two lawyers. “He explained it to me Numbers I’ve never understood and a contract that’s hard to understand even for a lawyer. The explanation was so short that it only lasted half an hour, I couldn’t admit it and didn’t want to admit that they did without seeing me, without a lawyer by my side and the possibility of analyzing it with someone close without me signing. me,” he claimed.

The entire confrontation, with its common derivations, led to a legal conflict that kept Paulo Londra away from the stages and recording rooms until a favorable ruling by the justice system.


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