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After Piqué’s betrayal, now Shakira reappears with ‘her heart in her hand’ and is she ready to fight back? (VIDEO)

  • After ‘I congratulate you’, Shakira’s tragedy was confirmed
  • Piqué was unfaithful to the Colombian and without further ado the footballer confirmed his relationship with Clara Chía
  • After weeks devastated, now Shakira reappears with her heart in her hand

Gerard Piqué’s betrayal left Shakira devastated and when the whole separation scandal happened, it was confirmed that the Colombian song ‘Te Felicito’ was a dedication to the father of her children after the infidelities of which she was a victim already weeks later , the singer reappears and sends a clear signal of what is to come.

And it is that for weeks, Shakira remained silent and very eloquent with a respectful attitude towards the Piqué scandal and his courtship with Clara Chía as behavior left much to be desired and provoked the fury of the people, however, the Colombian reappeared very smiling and with an image that promises ‘revenge’ against his ex.

Shakira sparked controversy by reappearing

Shakira reappeared

The Colombian singer is recording the video of her next song called ‘Monotonía’ and is expected to go straight for the jugular against Gerard Piqué for what happened in their relationship, something like a kind of continuation of ‘Te Felicito’ and now, Shakira rejoices with the singleness that her embargo at this time.

Although she received flirtations from Ozuna, with whom she does a duet in ‘Monotonia’, the truth is that Shakira is focused on her children, on her father who is going through health problems, as well as on her musical career while her team of lawyers help her with the debt it has with the Treasury in Spain.

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