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After leaving TN, Diego Poggi debuted as a panelist in Verónica Lozano’s magazine

After leaving TN, Diego Poggi debuted as a panelist in Verónica Lozano's magazine

“I haven’t done TV for three months, I was already abstinent“says Diego Poggi. The journalist reappeared this week in Lower for Lozano, Verónica Lozano’s night program, on Telefe, to be part of as a panelist. His final tv job had been on the TN information sign, the place he was on display till Easter.

This return, for now short-term, has to do with the seek for a brand new profile. “They called me for a few days and we are testing. I had never been a panelist and it is a good experience to continue learning“says Poggi. He says that the doorways are open to proceed within the cycle or be part of different initiatives.

“It was very fun to return to Telefe, from another place. I had worked in the channel in 2009 and 2010 as a producer of the strip Botineras And now, meeting with so many people brought me beautiful memories, “he says.” They all welcomed me with the best of vibes.

On the other hand, Poggi took it as a new challenge to share a panel with very different personalities: “I discover it fascinating that I used to be summoned for the Vero cycle, particularly understanding that we’ve completely different political beliefs. However it’s nice that the controversy is put in “

And he understands that “it’s obligatory for tv to offer area to the youngest, as well as, to contribute one other viewpoint, in order to not all the time bore them”.

Your roadmap on the wire

After passing through C5N and after five years on different TN newscasts, Poggi reached a professional and personal conclusion: “They had been locations of nice studying and I used to be blissful about that. However I need to put the information apart and intention for one thing else. What I need most is to drive“.

Diego Poggi Was In The Newsrooms Of C5N And Tn.

Diego Poggi was within the newsrooms of C5N and TN.

After his departure from TN, he acquired a number of proposals from information channels, however he prefers to focus on different subjects. And after having gone by expertise and present affairs packages, now he’s on the lookout for one other profile. “I’m more interested in a magazine or entertainment for driving”, Clarify.

“Needed cut off the harshest news, especially the ones that take up space in the news signals of late, “he says.” Some saw my departure from TN as an abrupt end, but actually I had been thinking about it for a year and a half. Then I communicated it in one go “, he assures.

At 33, Poggi says that, earlier than working at TN, had appeared on the casting of Lower for Lozano, however then he selected to work on the information sign. Now destiny tied him again to that area, from one other angle and with extra expertise: “It’s very crazy, I did not remember, they reminded me on the channel“.

Whereas making ready different tv initiatives on which, for now, he can not advance, Poggi is devoted to one among his nice passions: radio.

Daily, Poggi Hosts &Quot;Take Away&Quot; From His Home.  And It Sounds Great.

each day, Poggi hosts “Take Away” from his dwelling. And it sounds nice.

“I have been doing radio since I was 13 years old and I love it. And it is also a great training.” Now he drives every single day, on Radio Berlin (107.9), the cycle Take away, From your property.

“I just started in the days of stricter confinement and I have been doing it from there,” he particulars. “I have everything installed as if it were the studio and it amuses me to take care, like DJ, of the technique”. However he clarifies: “There is an operator from the radio who is there for whatever it takes.”