Home Entertainment After being fourth in the 2021 rating, America opens 2022 with two...

After being fourth in the 2021 rating, America opens 2022 with two premieres to change its luck

After being fourth in the 2021 rating, America opens 2022 with two premieres to change its luck

After a 2021 for oblivion, in which lost the third place in the rating at the hands of Elnueve, in America they try to shuffle and give again quickly. Such is so This Monday, January 3, two programs will debut.

According to the light spirit that reigns on television in the summer season, it is about two cycles of entertainment and humor: It’s over there! Summer, with the conduction of Julieta Prandi and Tucu López; Y Command Play, with the driving of Pichu Straneo.

It’s over there! Summer

Julieta Prandi And Tucu López, New Conducting Duo.

Julieta Prandi and Tucu López, new conducting duo.

It will be seen from Monday to Friday at 11. A Prandi and López will accompany you Chantal Abad in kitchen, Guido Zaffora in shows, Fabian Rubino currently and Locho Loccisano on mobiles. There will be connections from the main tourist centers: Mar del Plata, Villa Carlos Paz and Punta del Este.

EPA Summer It is the same magazine format, but in a summer version, of the cycle that in 2021 was in charge of Guillermo Andino and Soledad Fandiño.

Command Play

The other premiere will arrive at 23, and it will also go from Monday to Friday. With Pichu Straneo at the helm, Command Play is an international format that is proposed reward the participants who know the most about music.

Pichu Straneo Makes His Debut As A Solo Presenter.

Pichu Straneo makes his debut as a solo presenter.

It will be a competition in which two teams must identify the performers of well-known songs of various genres. Throughout different games, participants will have to guess who sings the song overcoming a series of challenges, such as guessing a song played ten times faster or trying to sing it in another language.

Each team will have a captain and two celebrities who will collaborate in the accumulation of points. The team that has added the most units will reach the final, where they will try to transform their knowledge into cash.

Changes in America

According to Kantar Ibope Media’s payroll, throughout 2021 Telefe was the leading channel for the tenth consecutive year. It averaged 9 points, 2.9 points behind El Trece, which was second (with 6.1).

Liliana Parodi, One Of The Strongest Casualties In America In 2021. Capture Tv

Liliana Parodi, one of the strongest casualties in America in 2021. Capture TV

The great novelty was that Elnueve (2.3) was third, which was consolidated in a place that for many years had been in America. The Fitz Roy street channel reaped just 1.9 on average and was fourth, ahead of Public Television (0.8) and NetTV, with 0.3.

At the beginning of December, America suffered a shock with the complaints of labor abuse against one of its figures, Antonio Laje, and the untying of Liliana Parodi, its historic programming manager.

The figures that got off

In 2022, several figures will no longer be on the channel. Already in the first semester of 2021, America had experienced the loss of Jorge Rial with intensity, who after trying to resume his career with TV Nostra decided to end the cycle two months after going on the air.

Looking ahead to next year, the most sensitive loss for the channel will be that of Jey Mammón, who decided to end his stage with The Mammons. In addition, Luis Novaresio confirmed that he will leave the channel directed by Daniel Vila after a decade on the screens of América TV and A24. The journalist wants to take 2022 to face other projects, among which is a book.

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