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After a tribute in Fine Arts, Silvia Pinal will star in a short film

After the moving tribute he received at the Palace of Fine Artsthe actress Silvia Pinal is ready to return to the big screen as the protagonist of the short film The scandalous allure of broken egos.

The program windowing attended the first day of recording of this production, whose director is Jaime Urquiza. There the call Last diva of Mexican cinema He spoke briefly about his involvement.

Ignacio López Tarso, angry with the organizers of the tribute to Silvia Pinal: “Nothing was heard”

It’s lovely how one can turn into things”, Silvia Pinal commented to the broadcast of shows.

Photo: Cuartoscuro

For his part, Urquiza gave more details about this short film: “It comes a lot in homage to surrealism, to the cinema of Buñuel, of Fellini. A lot of Buñuel and the relationship he had with Doña Silvia Pinal, that cinematographic collaboration that we know was historic”.

“I always wanted to pay homage to cinema, especially from the 40s, 50s and 60s, and obviously I thought of Doña Silvia Pinal because she is the last diva of Mexican cinema, the last link of all those characters from that time,” he added.

Also, about the work of the actress in The scandalous allure of broken egos, he pointed: “The scenes she did, of her stature, that is, she did raffle it off and it is impressive”.

You will see, it is a lot of her, of the weight she has as a movie starJaime concluded.


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