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After a rumor of her preferences, does Silvia Navarro finally introduce her partner?

  • After rumors of her preferences, Silvia Navarro surprises with an image
  • The Mexican actress shared her “new” partner with her followers
  • “How beautiful love”, they responded in the image

DO YOU HAVE A NEW PARTNER? The Mexican actress, Silvia Navarro, surprised social networks by sharing a new photo and implying that she is in a new relationship. Navarro has been under the spotlight because in past years it was announced that there were doubts about her sexual preferences after she posted a picture of her together with a friend of hers.

The Mexican actress is one of the most popular in the world of the small screen and for that reason, her followers on social networks have not hesitated to show her their support and to be aware of the things she publishes. Fans of the popular “Paloma” have wondered about the mysterious person who accompanies her in her photographs and if he is the one who stole her heart.



Through Instagram, the Mexican actress, Silvia Navarro, again causes controversy and doubts among her followers. The actress of the most remembered telenovelas of TV Azteca and Televisa, went on vacation with friends and everything seems to indicate that she is having a new partner, whose identity she revealed in the photographs that she shared.

“And yes, there is love here,” Navarro wrote in the image caption, labeling nothing more, nothing less than the actor Flavio Medina. Although the relationship has not been confirmed as such, the images could confirm it more than a thousand words in a text. The actress, in one of the images that she shared, is very caramelized with the handsome actor while they are on the beach and the sun is setting.

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