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Adrienne Houghton Talks Possible 3LW Reunion And If She Wants To Revive ‘The Real’ (Exclusive)

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It’s been almost two decades since 3LW disbanded, but a recent outing between Adrienne Houghton and Naturi Naughton fueled rumors that the band could possibly get back together. Now, 38 year old ex the original The host is setting the record straight, highlighting a mini reunion and (surprise!) spilling tea on a new upcoming album.

In conversation with ET’s Deidre Behr, ex Cheetah Girls Star was asked if work was in progress on getting the band back together. Houghton, Naughton and Keely Williams are the original members who earned stardom in the early 2000s, not to mention some internal strife, before splitting up in 2008 as they parted ways in their careers.

Since then, Houghton and Naughton have publicly mended their tumultuous relationship during May 2017 episode Feather the original, in which Houghton issued a heartfelt apology. This was not Naughton’s first time on a canceled daytime talk show, but he had never addressed the elephant in the room before. Fast forward to June 1, and fans went into frenzy after Houghton posted a photo with Naughton and captioned it, “#2LW I #LetTheHealingBegin,

Suffice it to say, fans wondered if this was the start of a possible reunion. Actually it is not so.

Houghton told ET, ‘Nothing is decided. “There’s no reunion set. Nothing like that set up, but I think the most important thing isn’t the music, but like, real life is good. Does that make sense?”

Yes, it’s totally understandable considering how Houghton and Naughton’s careers have boomed since leaving 3LW. But as far as the reunion goes, Houghton isn’t completely closing the door.

“I mean, I’d say never,” she says.

As far as her and Naughton’s outing, Houghton says it had everything to do with the logistics lining up, noting that Naughton learned she had moved back to New York and that they had dinner. decided to go out.

“And he was like, and she was like, ‘Let’s take a picture,’ and I was like, ‘Yeah,'” Houghton says. “I think the hashtag, ‘Let’s start healing,’ I think is important. I think a lot of us have had experiences in our lives like, ‘Wait, what was that all about? ‘ And you let them go but at the same time when you get older, you’re really like ‘What was that?’ To be like you want to see them again. Go on and on. And I think that’s where we are.”

Houghton, who recently teamed up with Adobe Acrobat to streamline her personal and professional life, says breaking bread and taking a walk down memory lane was therapeutic.

“I think our youth and our childhood and of course the experience of being in 3LW is something that we both have to fix personally and come together and honestly rekindle a dope, beautiful friendship and Will,” Houghton shared. “There are things he and I will share forever that no one will ever know or understand, and that’s just the truth of it.”

Houghton is finally holding her breath after eight seasons the original, She’s fond of her time on the six-time Emmy-winning talk show, but talk of any revival of the show will come with a few caveats.

“It has to be revived in a way that still allows me to live life in New York,” she says. “We’ve talked about family planning and my dreams of being a mother. I think it has to work up to those standards, for sure.”

In the meantime, Houghton has been busy with her Camp New Breed, which she describes as a summer camp experience for adults looking for fellowship connections. Helming that “passion project,” Houghton told ET that she’s recorded her first live album, which will kick off in August. She won’t reveal the name of her album yet, but fans can already start salivating over the fact that she’s dropping her first album since 2017. new traditions,

“Camp New Breed will have a live album,” she explains. “It has a name [but] I’m going to hold it. But we are super excited.”

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