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Adriana Barraza talks about her participation in ‘Mónica’, an acclaimed film in Venice

As long as there is an interested public, there will be space for all kinds of artistic expressions and media that enhance acting work, says the actress adriana barraza.

Over the weekend, he presented at the Venice Mostra, the film Monicaa director’s tape Andrea Palaorowhich received eleven minutes of applause.

In interview with MILLENNIUM, adriana barraza He spoke about his participation in the feature film and praised the work of the Italian director behind the lens and in front of the actors.

Monica it’s an amazing movie. I was doing Penny Dreadful in Los Angeles when I received a very nice letter from Andrea Palaoro. He had seen a work I did that was shown at a festival in Italy, and he liked it a lot. He told me that he was writing the script for his film and that he wanted to offer me a character for my way of acting, because he liked him a lot. He went to see me where he was living, we had a long conversation and when I saw his work I realized that it was an author’s work, ”said Adriana.

“Seeing an auteur film always has two risks: one, that someone says: ‘I don’t understand you because I like the commercial and it goes out of my parameters; and two: ‘What a delight to be able to narrate a film in this way’. My character is Leticia, and it was a pleasure to share credits with Trace Lysette, a transgender actress, loving and very good companion. It is a film that speaks of forgiveness to oneself and others and the understanding of who you areAdriana explained.

Premiere on Netflix

The series will arrive on the platform on September 7 diary of a gigolo, original production of Telemundo in which Barraza plays Minoua complex character who is central to the plot starring Jesús Castro, Victoria White and Fabiola Campomanes.

“With the pandemic, the platforms went viral and life is no longer the same. It is the history of my profession: when cinema began they said that theater was going to disappear and no; when television began, they said that theater and cinema would disappear, and neither did they. Now there are the platforms, but it does not affect. Obviously things change because nothing can be the same, but cinema is cinema and television is television and it goes hand in hand with the platforms that we may have in our homes. nothing is apocalyptic”, explains Adriana Barraza.

adriana barraza thanked for collaborating with Telemundo Y Undergroundas well as share credits with Fabiola Campomanes and Jesus Castro during filming in Argentina, which lasted around five months.

“It was great. The series is made by Telemundoa company I love very much because I have worked with them several times, and also for Underground, an Argentine company responsible for series like the fringe. I was very interested in taking that very true, very low, very deep acting tone. It was a pleasure to have made this character; It seems that he is only a glamor character and that’s it, but it is not like that, he has very important chiaroscuro“, said.

In addition, she praised the production processes that are carried out in Argentina, as well as the direction in which she was taken during her work as Minou, which is closely related to the academic structure that she implements in her acting study academy. Adriana Barraza Acting Studio.

“The principle of our school is that acting has to be natural, truthful and deep, like a human being. Taking those three elements, you can have any acting methodology. If you keep that, you are universal. What we do is try to put into practice what we are saying at school”, he commented.

Minou is a lady who owns a very fine art gallery, but who, at the same time, has a business with gigolos. She is a tough woman, quite strong and we are going to follow her path after someone close to her makes a decision that is disastrous for the whole world.”.

About the gigolo

The series directed by Sebastián Ortega premieres on Wednesday September 7th. The cast includes Jesús Castro, Victoria White, Fabiola Campomanes, Francisco Denis, Begoña Narvaez, Alosian Vivancos and Eugenia Tobal.

and Monica

The film had its premiere world at the 79th Venice Film Festival, on September 3. It is the first film starring a transgender actress (Trace Lysette) to be presented at the Mostra.


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