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Adrián Uribe sends a message of support to Eugenio Derbez: “The hard part is over”

After accident suffered by Eugenio Derbez – he broke his shoulder into several pieces after a fall while playing a video game -, his friends in the middle of the show have sent him messages of support, such is the case of Adrian Uribe.

In a meeting with several media outlets, the actor and comedian spoke about his colleague’s health: “We wish our dear Eugenio a speedy recovery and fortunately the hard part is overUribe said.

José Eduardo says that Eugenio Derbez feels a lot of pain after falling: “he is sedated so that he does not suffer”

Then, the famous assured that “with that mentality and with that capacity that (Eugenio) has for everything, he will surely be (well) soon”.

He also revealed that upon learning of his accident “I sent him a message on WhatsApp to wish him a speedy recovery, sending him hugs, energy and giving him all the good vibes”.

And he recalled that with the statement that reported this situation “we are all scared. I spoke to Omar Chaparro, I spoke to my manager asking what happened. It was something very strong with the shoulder, but it was not something more serious”.

“All I know is that he is at home recovering. and hopefully soon I can talk to him to cheer him on, “he added.

Adrián also commented that he does not know more details about his friend’s health status: “NoOr can I give more information because I don’t know it, the only thing I know is what we all know, that he is recovering and hopefully soon he will be 100 percent”.

When asked if he plans to go see him in his recovery, Uribe said that “I would love to visit him” and recalled that Derbez “was one of the few people who went to visit me when I was in the hospital, he sneaked in, I don’t know how he did it because he couldn’t, and he even went to see me in intensive care; I will never forget that detail because I know with the love that he did it. I would love to be able to go see him, but I know he is keeping to himself and it is understandable that when you are in bed the last thing you want is to see people”.

Lastly, he joked about his willingness to provide financial help to Eugenio in case he needs it: “It’s easier for me to borrow from him, for me to support him… For someone you love, you will always try to support them in whatever way you can.”.


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