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Adrián Suar confirmed that Polka’s new fiction will be released on September 20

Adrián Suar confirmed that Polka's new fiction will be released on September 20

Adrián Suar confirmed that The 1-5 / 18, we’re one, Polka’s new fiction, which has re-created a strip within the nation for the reason that starting of the coronavirus pandemic, will premiere subsequent Monday, September 20 at 10 p.m., by The 13.

“I am very happy. On Monday 20, at 22 hours” begins the 1-5 / 18, as confirmed by Suar this Saturday in The Evening of Mirtha, which Juana Viale drives and which additionally goes by way of El Trece.

When making the announcement, the producer and director shared the desk with Esteban Lamothe, Agustina Cherri and Gonzalo Heredia, who’re the protagonists of the strip. There was additionally Diego Peretti, with whom Suar will carry out the play Immature, that might be formally launched in January, even supposing this month there might be 4 features.

The mischief of Juana Viale

Juana Viale was seen to be extra relaxed on this version of La Noche de Mirtha, and that’s the reason when she acquired Adrián Suar she made him a spicy declare dwell.

After the presentation, the host went to obtain the visitors. “Welcome to my table, it is good that you are happy to be at my table. You feel at home”, acquired Viale a Suar. The programming supervisor returned the gesture and stated: “I like the program, I like the light, the scenery.”

“I love that fiction has returned, I went to see you at the theater, do not mature anymore“The actress joked in reference to the play that Suar stars in with Peretti and invited him to return to the desk to proceed with the remainder of the visitors.” You are very pretty, “Suar shot her earlier than settling down.

Juana Viale Submitted Adrián Suar In The Truth Scanner.

Juana Viale submitted Adrián Suar within the reality scanner.

To which Juana Viale replied: “You too Adrián”, and to which she added: “The boss told me that he was going to give me a peak and it didn’t give me a spike. “

“The 1-5 / 18” is coming

The 1-5 / 18, the brand new strip that might be seen from Monday 20 at 22 in El Trece. Polka’s new fiction will star Gonzalo Heredia, Agustina Cherri, Esteban Lamothe, Lali González, Luciano Cáceres and Romina Gaetani,

Within the 1-5 / 18 neighborhood, neighbors of various origins and realities coexist, however all might be prepared to battle for the great of your entire neighborhood. The collection has as one of many protagonists Lola, position performed by Agustina Cherri, together with Rita, character of Lali González. Collectively they run a soup kitchen, distribute donations and assist these in want.

The plot initially facilities on Lola accompanying Rita in an intense seek for the son she gave up for adoption when she was 17 years previous and was recovering from her addictions.

The neighborhood is in the course of a battle between two drug gangs that dispute the bar of Don Luis, a personality performed by Patricio Contreras, who could be very unwell, as a result of it’s a strategic place inside the city. Within the midst of the disaster his son returns Bruno, position of Gonzalo Heredia, who intends to inherit the enterprise.

The neighbors assume that Don Luis’s sickness is the explanation for his return however they quickly uncover that there’s truly one other underlying cause. That is how Bruno and him Father Lorenzo, a villero priest performed by Esteban Lamothe grow to be key items in La Peñaloza.

The Protagonists Of La Noche De Mirtha.

The protagonists of La Noche de Mirtha.